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Safer Internet Day 2023: AVM tells us about its CyberSecurity

The twentieth edition of the “Safer Internet Day” will be held on 7 February, the event set up by the European Union, AVM will also be present

The twentieth edition of the “Safer Internet Day” will be held on February 7ththe event set up byEuropean Union to raise awareness of a more conscious use of the Internet, with a particular focus on young people and families. There are more and more online activities that take place at home: from smart working to teaching, from gaming to the use of multimedia content. But that’s not all: the age of people who access the Internet is getting lower and lower.

“Together for a better internet” is the claim of this year’s event, which invites you to promote responsible use of technology to ensure safe use of digital technology for all members of the network, especially young people and children. For this edition, AVM offers some practical suggestions dedicated to safe navigation.

Safer Internet Day 2023: AVM tells us about its CyberSecurity

Safer Internet Day 2023: AVM tells us about its CyberSecurity

Being a role model for the young is the message that arises AVM come Mission. The brand suggests that it is important to teach your children good safety practicessuch as the protection of the accounts used, remembering the importance of choosing a secure password and changing it regularly: at least eight characters including symbols, numbers and avoiding trivial sequences. Children and teenagers must be careful when browsing and learn to report any threats and cyberbullying.

Parents need to make an effort to learn more about what their children are doing online and what games, apps and streaming sites they use, as caution can never be too much. Attention should then be paid to the email messages and links, even if they appear to be from someone you know: it’s always best to double-check the sender’s address. Some simple precautions can make browsing safer such as, for example, not providing personal data, logging out of the accounts used to avoid tracking, deleting cookies and browser history and use a VPN to encrypt your browsing.

Safer Internet Day 2023: AVM tells us about its CyberSecurity

Updating devices and apps is also a very important factorespecially to make sure that the operating system, as well as software, apps and devices are always protected from flaws: one of the simplest and most common attack methods for a hacker is precisely to target outdated products and software.

FRITZ! products of AVM allow you to set the hours and days in which surfing is allowed and choose the total time within which a specific device can remain connected. THE FRITZ!Box allow you to choose between four different browsing profiles: standard, blocked, unlimited and guest, adapting each profile to each member of the family.

Furthermore, the parental control function is very useful for forbidding access to certain sites and blocking potentially harmful applications. The firewalls of FRITZ! products they are able to protect all home devices from possible attacks. Finally, the Wi-Fi connection can be turned off when not needed, for example at night, simply by selecting the time of use. Possible too reduce the transmitting power of the FRITZ!Box so that it only transmits within your home boundaries. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the Software world, keep following us. Greetings from

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