Fortnite: All about the Fracture event and what we know about Chapter 4

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There are only a few hours left until the highly anticipated event begins Fracture from Fortnitewhich will definitively put an end to Chapter 3, opening the doors wide to Season 1 of Chapter 4. The questions are therefore many: will a new map arrive? Will we have a new first person mode? Will we be able to roam the island on motorbikes? Let’s try to clarify.

First of all, it should be noted that Chapter 3 was the shortest in the history of the game, as it lasted exactly one year (it was launched on December 5, 2021). An intense year, which saw the introduction of the much appreciated Zero Build modewhich has allowed many purists of battle royale games to revise their preconceptions regarding the Epic Games title.

When will the Fracture event take place?

The Rift event, which will permanently end Chapter 3, will be held this evening (Saturday 3 December) at 22:00, Italian time. Players will be called upon to defend the island from the Herald’s threat. We can expect that, as well as in the event Collision on June, players will be able to participate in the quest in groups of 4although this information has not been confirmed by Epic.

The trailer of the event shows us that the tranquility of Paradise – this is the name of Season 4, Chapter 3 of Fortnite – is definitely threatened by the presence of Herald. The letters of the word “Paradise” they split becoming definitively “Fracture”. In the video we also see the loopers (the characters of the game) barricading themselves near the Tree of Reality, ready to face Araldo. Another hint that the event could be multiplayer.

We remind you that starting from 6/7 hours before the event (therefore around 15:00 today) spoilers could begin to appear on the net, as the Epic Games files related to Frattura will be decrypted. Our advice, if you don’t want advances, is to use social platforms in moderation.

When does Chapter 4 of Fortnite start?

The first question that grips fans is: “when will Season 1 of Chapter 4 start?” In fact, Fornite has accustomed us to decidedly long waiting times, which can even exceed 24 hours. Time for developers to check if everything is ok before starting the new chapter.

Good news though: according to various rumors the cooldown for Chapter 4 should be only 12 hours. If this news turns out to be true, it would mean that it will be possible to play from midday on December 4th. We remind you that you will not be able to log into the game during the cooldown period.

In the meantime, the countdown for the Season 4 trailer has started on the official Fortnite YouTube channel: A New Beginning. The countdown timer will expire when the Rift event ends.

What can we expect from Chapter 4

It is easy to assume that during the Rift event the current map of Fornite will be destroyed. Even if that doesn’t happen, history will find ways to justify that Chapter 4 will introduce us to a new map, most likely with different biomes like the current one. According to some insiders, the game map should be called Asteria, and should be composed of various pieces of the previous three maps (Athena, Apollo and Artemis). On the net it is already possible to find numerous concepts created by fans, but we confirm that at the moment Epic Games has not released any official map templates. We will discover the new Fortnite map only with the official start of Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 could also be the right time to introduce the much-discussed one first person viewwhich has been talked about for some time. Means of transport are also expected. After all, each new chapter was characterized by the introduction of new ways of moving. In Season 1 we could finally see the two-wheeled vehicles (such as scooters and two-seater motorcycles) and it is very likely that Epic will introduce the expected skateboard. These could work in a similar way to running slides already present in the game.

Speaking of displacements, it is very likely that Chapter 4 will bring new life forms to the island. According to some leakers and insiders Epic Games would like to introduce flying animals. After all, already in Chapter 3 we had the opportunity to ride wolves and wild boars (as well as to “fly” with the chickens).

Among the many speculations also a certainty: Chapter 4 will obviously introduce a new Battle Pass. Surely this will feature new exclusive crossover collaborations with brands, video games and TV series of which Fortnite is the absolute master. Some rumors suggest upcoming partnerships that would lead to game skins of Avatar, SpongeBob e Tartarughe Ninja. Furthermore, from the images of the new teasers you can see new characters who, if you notice in the image below, all have the number 4 highlighted. These will probably be some of the new original characters of Chapter 4.

It has also been rumored for a long time about the Creative Mode 2.0 which will allow the most creative players to have the Fortnite Unreal Editorto create customized maps increasingly rich in detail by taking advantage of technology Unreal Engine. We don’t know if this feature will see the light with Chapter 4 Season 1, but it should still arrive in the near future. Little or nothing is known about new weapons which will certainly characterize Chapter 4.

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