Fortnite copy Among Us with the Impostors mode?

Fortnite copia Among Us con la modalità Impostors? InnerSloth su tutte le furie thumbnail

Fortnite announced the mode a few days ago Impostors which, as many had already guessed, alto is nothing more than a mode inspired by the famous party game Among Us of the boys of InnerSloth. The problem is that Epic Games did not consult the development studio for the creation of this new game mode, which aroused the ire of InnerSloth.

Fortnite copia Among Us con Impostors?

The new game mode is quite clearly a reference to the inspiration of Among Us. This diatribe has sparked the web why Epic Games has been harshly criticized by Innersloth developers and fans on social media, as the company did not originally credit Among Us as sources of inspiration for Impostors in any way. Which is funny, as the name of the mode is a direct reference to the alien infiltrators of Among Us, called impostors in the game.

“We have not granted the rights to use the mechanics of Among Us,” the co-founder of Innersloth tweeted in August. Marcus Bromander. “I don’t think these practices lead to a healthy industry. Is it really that hard to put 10% more effort into creating a game mode that isn’t 99% copied? “

Many fans of Among Us on social media pointed out the sheer size of a company like Epic, compared to Innersloth’s small studio. In reference to the new mode of Fortnite, the programmer of Among Us Adriel Wallick wrote that she was “pissed off” by Impostors mode: “This is just another fun reminder of how small we are compared to the industry giants.”

We hope this problem is resolved without causing too much damage to the two parties involved. Epic Games for its part, however, pay more attention to its initiatives, especially of a matrix similar to that of Impostors, also because it is currently involved in problems with Apple and Google, and certainly a lawsuit by InnerSloth would not improve the situation.