Samsung presents “Life Unstoppable: the house of surprises”

Samsung presenta “Life Unstoppable: la casa delle sorprese” thumbnail

Samsung today unveiled Life Unstoppable 2021. This is an immersive and virtual experience that aims to illustrate Samsung’s rich ecosystem of connected devices. “Life Unstoppable: the house of surprises” tells some stories of a family of eclectic characters engaged in a real journey inside their home.

Life Unstoppable illustrates Samsung’s connected ecosystem

This is the first short of this type made by Samsung. In the project, technology comes to life in unprecedented ways. Samsung’s Live Unstoppable experience is divided into six different rooms. Each room is dedicated to a specific group of connected Samsung products. The various products respond to specific needs with the aim of igniting new stimuli in the home.

The eccentric family protagonist of Life Unstoppable is made up of the Fitness Dad, the Rockstar Mom, Archie the Wizard, Evie the Chef Superstar and the Grandma Ex-Wrestler. Among the products shown there is room for the frigorifero BESPOKE, which it joins Samsung Bespoke Jet. Also present the projector Samsung The Premiere con Soundbar Q800 and the Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor. There is no shortage of TVs, such as the Neo QLED TV con Soundbar Q950. Also noteworthy is the smartphone Galaxy Z Flip3 5G e il Bespoke AirDresser.

Samsung’s comment

Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Europe, declares: “At Samsung we develop innovations that exceed expectations. From folding smartphones to TVs that, when turned off, turn into works of art, to washing machines that take care of clothes faster, using less time, detergent and water and optimizing their consumption. With Samsung’s “house of surprises” we show how our connected products bring innovations that help people live unstoppable lives. “