Fortnite: Epic admitted to being inspired by Among Us for a game mode

Epic admitted that the new Fortnite Imposters mode is inspired by Innersloth’s Among Us, after the latter accused him of plagiarism

The mode impostor from Fortnite, which was announced and launched in August, immediately attracted attention for using many ideas previously seen in Among Us, including players carrying out tasks and calling meetings to discuss who the players are “impostor“. Several members of the Innersloth team pointed out the similarities between Epic’s mode and their game, with one programmer saying he was “offended” by the similarities in question.

Innersloth: “Epic Games has copied the map of Skeld in Fortnite”

Now, months after the launch of the Imposters mode of Provided, Epic has publicly acknowledged that she was influenced by Among Us. In a blog post detailing Fornite’s 18.2 update, Epic wrote, “v18.20 brings improvements to Impostors, Innersloth’s Among Us-inspired game mode!” Apparently, however, there is still no explicit reference to Among Us within Fortnite. In August, Among Us programmer Gary Porter remarked on Twitter about the similarities between the Impostors mode map and The Skeld, the original Among Us map:

Okay, but they turned Electrical and Medbay upside down and connected Security to Cafeteria. I wasn’t even involved with the development of Skeld and I’m still a little offended. Anyway this is my thoughts on the whole thing.

Among Us Community Director, Victoria Tran, he expressed his disappointment, tweeting:

It would have been really, really nice to collaborate, haha. Just sad indie hours [in questo momento]. For example, the game mechanics are fine, those shouldn’t be kept, but at least the different musical backgrounds or terminology also make things more interesting?

This isn’t the first time Fortnite has been accused of borrowing ideas. The developers of the game’s hugely successful Battle Royale mode have openly stated that the team was inspired by other battle royale games, most notably PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: “We love Battle Royale games like PUBG and thought Fortnite would be a great base for our version, ”creative director Donald Mustard told PC Gamer in 2017 just before the mode’s launch.

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