Fortnite: the no build mode could become a permanent mode

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Fortnite’s no build mode could become a permanent game mode

Recently in Fortnite the mode was introduced no build mode which, as imaginable from the name, eliminates one of the characteristic features of the Epic Games title, namely the construction. According to recent leaks it seems that this new mode could soon be added as a permanent option to the famous Battle Royale. At the moment this mode was added this month to kick off the new season, but the success it is enjoying among the public could lead it to become a permanent option in the future.

Fortnite: will the no build mode become permanent in the future?

Fortnite’s no build mode is currently entered as limited time mode, but already in the past several new additions reported as temporary have then been added to the game permanently, such as the Team Rumble mode. It would therefore not be a surprise if Epic Games decided to make the no build mode last even longer than the currently planned month.

According to some data miners, game loading screens have been discovered that refer to some “mode with construction activated”, Which would suggest that after March 29, when the no build mode is expected to end, there will still be ways in which it will not be possible to use the build function. At the moment the success of this new modality is obvious, given that there have often been queues of over an hour to access it, so it would not be a surprise if Epic Games decided to keep it indefinitely. If you are intrigued by the Fortnite phenomenon and want to try it, try taking a look at our tips for new players.

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