Fortnite: the skins of Naruto, LeBron James and others are coming

Collaborations with other brands continue for Fortnite. The new Naruto and LeBron James skins on Fortnite are also coming soon

Fortnite is making available new skins such as Naruto and LeBron James, related to crossovers with other brands. Many of these have been important for bringing different characters from many Sony and Microsoft exclusives to the platform. For example Kratos and Aloy skins have been added in regards to Sony, while Master Chief regarding Microsoft. Until now, as we have seen, the only production company left aside has been Nintendo.

Many skins such as Naruto and LeBron James are coming to Fortnite

In fact, it seems that the rumors about adding the skin of Samus Aran (main character in the Metroid universe) have become reality. Several internal legal documents have recently been revealed and made public by Epic Games. These documents are part of the controversy legal between Epic Games and Apple and reveal the company’s plans on the future of Fortnite for the 2021. The plans include the inclusion of the aforementioned Samus Aran and the recent new entry Neymar Jr, as well as many other characters. The long and fruitful agreement with NBA. This deal includes in-game unique emotes, playoff events, post-game shows, and most importantly, a special mini-game dedicated to basketball meant to be an alternative to the classic Battle Royale mode.

Fortnite: the skins of Naruto, LeBron James and others are coming

Finally, according to the documents released, numerous skins such as those of Fortnite will see the light Naruto e LeBron James, as well as The Rock, Terminator and many others. Recently Epic has put it under process Apple accusing her of illegal monopoly. The “walled garden”, a metaphor devised by Steve Jobs to describe the closure of the Apple ecosystem, is being attacked by society Fortnite producer for creating a system that prevents developers to reach as many users as possible without going throughsingle store Apple.

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