Fortnite: with the new update come tornadoes and lightning

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Fortnite’s new update, update 19.01, adds a completely new dynamic weather system to the famous battle royale, which includes tornadoes and lightning strikes.

Are lightning and tornadoes coming to Fortnite, are Ninja Turtles coming too?

Dress heavy because on Fortnite, in addition to the snow already present, lightning and tornadoes also arrive. The latter can suck players with the result of toss them from one side of the map to the other. They can be very useful for evading enemies, but just as dangerous as they destroy buildings and buildings.

Pros and cons for lightning too. Do you remember when we were taught as children that we should never take shelter under trees during a storm? Well lightning can be dangerous in that they will ignite the entire area around their drop point. However, if a player is struck by lightning – bad luck – his movement speed will increase for a short period of time.

At the moment the new weather system seems to have been appreciated by users, although someone has pointed out that, being the random phenomena, could ruin the competitive nature of battle royale. According to what was reported by the Epic team, the lightning they will tend to fall at the highest points of the map (mountains and hills). It will also be possible to predict where the lightning will fall, as these will be anticipated by the dark cloud formation. In short, if you really want to be hit by a discharge, keep an eye on the sky.

Finally, according to rumors released by the XboxEra podcast, skins and characters may soon arrive on Fortnite Paramount. In particular, the rumors seem to involve the Ninja Turtles.