Amouranth: Twitch streamer bought an inflatable pool factory

Unbelievable but true: Twitch streamer Amouranth bought a company that makes inflatable pools

The streamer of Twitch Kaitlyn “Amouranth“Siragusa, which last year made headlines during the streaming service’s” Hot tub meta “series, recently bought a company that produces inflatable swimming pools. The announcement came on Twitter today.

Siragusa tweeted yesterday that she would reveal another “crazy” investment after that of “last time”, referring to her seven-figure purchase last year which saw her become the owner of a service station. So today Amouranth announced that it had granted itself another expensive “whim”. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Amouranth: Buying the inflatable pool company is just another taunt from the Twitch streamer

The manufacturing company of inflatable swimming pools, which has not been publicly named by Amouranth, has about $ 15 million in revenue per year, Siragusa noted on Twitter. It is reportedly a major provider of large stores like Amazon and Costco. The company was bought for just over 10 million dollars, of which half was “financed with low interest debt”. Siragusa has committed 7 million dollars of your money over a seven-year period. Figures that reveal the Pharaonic income of the streamer.

Amouranth: Twitch streamer bought an inflatable pool factory

Going all-in on an inflatable pool company or, to use Amouranth’s own words, a “manufacturer of consumer pool accessories, inflatable accessories and toys,” is in perfect keeping with the same provocative vision as the streamer. Last spring, when COVID infections peaked while vaccinations weren’t widely available yet, Twitch channels with streamers in whirlpools they became popular. Streamers, who typically wear swimwear, sat in a hot tub to chat or play, thus aligning (nominally) with Twitch’s dress code (we talked about it in this article).

Speaking with the editors of Kotaku, Siragusa described the “hot tub series” as a “test Rorschach in salsa Twitch“, Since, according to him, someone’s opinion on the matter immediately reveals their own prejudices:

People extrapolate their agenda on this series. There are two recurring themes that people always come back to talk about: the first is that Twitch must only be focused on games; or that Twitch is unfair to male streamers or, alternatively, that Twitch is more lenient towards female streamers.

In May, Twitch demonetized the Siragusa channel; in essence, the platform (owned by Amazon) deactivated advertising revenue without notice or explanation, apparently attributing the countermeasure to the streamer’s participation in the series “Hot tub“. The channel’s ad revenue then went back online.

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