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Fortuna granda: the documentary film by Alberto Gottardo and Francesca Sironi

The documentary film Fortuna granda by Alberto Gottardo and Francesca Sironi, in Italian cinemas on tour from 24 November

After the success of the Biografilm Festival International Celebration of Lives 2022, e la conquista de Solinas Award for Best Documentary for Cinema 2020; arrives in Italian salt, the next November 24, the documentary film Great luck from Francesca Sironi e Albert Gotthard.

Distributed by Thirty Films; the project has seen the first steps taken back in 2017, as a journalistic investigative report on teenagers in the province of Ferrara. The ambiguous description of an enclosed landscape surrounded by water.

Fortuna granda: the search for one’s own space in an already written future

Set in Goro, at the bottom of the Po Delta; Great luck is an investigative documentary film, driven by the need to give space to the voice of the young local boys.

In an apparently closed world surrounded by water, four sixteen-year-old boys (Alessandro, Gioele, Matteo and Samuel) enrolled in a professional institute (opened to combat early school leaving), prepare to do their parents’ job. Poised between school and work, they move around looking for their own space in a future that seems already written.

A film that looks at the adult community through the naive eyes of young teenagers. Indeed, as stated by the directors themselves Gotthard e F. Sironi:

when we arrived in Goro and glimpsed the boundaries of a single community, closed both geographically and economically. We started filming just wanting to hear them. We weren’t interested in analyzing the kids, studying them. It is rather in the adherence to the voice of the protagonists, to their point of view, that we wanted to give shape to the film. The Delta we saw with them is not landscape: it is habit, wall or game. This is why we have not tried to aestheticize the natural context. Or the school, which is complex, anti-rhetorical, has no easy positions.

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