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Opera integrates TikTok into the desktop browser

Continue the update program of Opera which records an interesting feature dedicated to TikTok users. The browser development team, in fact, announced TikTok feed integration in the sidebar of the desktop version of the web browser. This is a feature that should fully satisfy TikTok users who, in this way, will be able to access the feed even more easily.

Opera integrates TikTok into the desktop version

The mechanism is really simple. now, in fact, TikTok users who use Opera on desktop can consult the feed and also publish content on the social network without having to open separate applications. All management of the social network takes place directly from the browser sidebar.

In the past, Opera has shown some interest in integrating social networking features into its desktop version browser. After working on integrating with social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, Opera is now switching to TikTok.

To clarify the functioning of this system it is possible to take a look at the official video rshown below:

The latest data on the diffusion of web browsers confirm that Opera has grown slightly over the last few years. The web browser has surpassed a 3% circulation share for the desktop world which rewards the work done in the recent past by the Opera development team.

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