Forza Horizon 5: going to Mexico?

New news for driving simulator lovers, according to a rumor, Forza Horizon 5 could be set in Mexico

The news of one Mexican scenery, where to whiz the cars in the next Forza Horizon 5, seems to have been “theorized” by Jez Corden by Windows Central e Jeff Grubb di VentureBeat after Japan was excluded from the list of eligible countries. But let’s see a little better what it is!

Forza Horizon 5: the rumor about Mexico

The rumor of a possible setting in Mexico for Forza Horizon 5, seems to have been “officially confirmed” by Grubb during the podcast Iron Lords. Other than that Grubb, like a kind of new Hansel nowadays, he had left a few “crumbs” here and there. For example, he quoted a tweet from Corden himself who talked about going to Mexico with his own car and then added some small details about the so-called “Project Dragon”Which should be developed by IO Interactive (famous for the saga of the lethal Agent 47, aka Hitman).

Forza Horizon 5: going to Mexico?

The final results it should be a role-playing game that, in many ways, is reminiscent of the always acclaimed Diablo, but it will still have to be wait a little longer to see some noteworthy results. Going back to our favorite car racing, and we’re not talking about Need for Speed, it looks like 2021 could be the right year to try it both on PC than on Xbox. Although Microsoft has not yet made any official announcements, Turn 10 Studios recently announced i upcoming playtests for Forza Motorsport 8. Will we then run between cacti, hot heat and tequila? Only time will tell us exactly!

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