Star Wars Day 2021: how to best celebrate it!

Today, May 4, Star Wars Day 2021 is celebrated, an entire day dedicated to the most beloved saga in history. Let’s see together how to best celebrate it

the May 4th it is Star Wars Day, the day dedicated to the legendary saga created by George Lucas more than 40 years ago. It was in fact the May 25, 1979 when Star Wars (in original Star Wars) was screened in theaters, then renamed Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

But what is the origin of the recurrence linked to the famous saga of Lucas propio il May 4th?

This date was chosen because of the popularity of an English-language pun. The famous quote May the Force be with you (May the Force be with you) and the sentence May the fourth be with you (May 4th be with you), have brought many problems due to the double meaning of the word May and the assonance between the words Force and Fourth. Over time, giving life to a series of funny gags.

Puns aside, to increase the fame of the famous science fiction saga was undoubtedly an unprecedented phenomenon of merchandising, which has counted over the years iconic gadgets, all to collect.

Star Wars Day 2021: how to best celebrate it!

Star Wars Day 2021: all the collectible gadgets for the most passionate fans

In addition to reviewing the entire saga, true fans can also take the opportunity to expand the merchandising. On the occasion of the Star Wars Dayin fact, many brands have launched new lines of toys, clothing and other specially designed accessories.

Dai Funko Pop! to reproductions of the Darksaber, Without to forget set LEGO it’s a exclusive line of t-shirts. In addition, behind the scenes documentaries, animated series, originals, sequels, prequels and spin-offs and the new series will be available on Disney +. Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Then there are the branded face masks with the various characters of the saga, liqueur glasses with the big face of Darth Vader, charm for bracelets, watch straps and much more.

Disney has thought of fans of all ages, offering a large series of must-see items ranging from gadgets inspired by the series The Mandalorian to precious accessories, even reaching the smartwatch for kids.

And you, how are you going to celebrate it Star Wars Day?

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