Fotor review: edit photos and create banners online for free

Fotor review: edit photos and create banners online for free

Editing photos and creating cute banners for an online ad has never been easier. The credit for all this goes to Fotor, the online software that allows anyone, expert or not, to create real masterpieces. We at have tested it for you in this review!

How many times seeing a photo that has just been taken, it seemed good to us, but looking closely we noticed small imperfections? A barely visible speck on a dress, red eyes due to the flash or the desire to perform a small retouch to remove a mole that we cannot digest. Each time we have relied on incomplete trial versions of some software or paying real professionals. From today, thanks to Fotor, it will no longer be like this.

This online software allows anyone to edit a photo and create their own banner ads, as is the case with small businesses that cannot afford to hire an expert. Obviously much of the work done also depends on our ability to edit, but even the most inexperienced would be able to create something really special. Let’s see how this software performed in our review.

Fotor: simplicity and clarity of online software | Review

The first fundamental point that immediately catches the eye is the clarity and simplicity with which this web-based software is organized. The interface appears to be clean, with a well-divided and tidy workspace. In addition to the actual workbench, where we will retouch our photo in the editing mode, on the left we find all the various components that we can go to redefine, grouped into subcategories, and the various effects. To these are added the frames, the sticker e i commands for the textual parts.

Of considerable importance, and certainly one of the most simplified functions that can be used in this program, is the Magic Clipper (which you can see above). This particular function allows you to select the area we want to keep (for example the silhouette of a person) and delete all the background. In this way we will have a perfect crop in a few seconds and we can then use it, once saved in a cloud, on another photo of our choice. A good alternative (and certainly much faster) to perform photomontages.

Fotor: edit photos and perform some small online retouching | Review

The editing and retouching functions are also well implemented and easy to use. In addition to one huge choice of effects you can use on our photos, there are the basic functions that allow you to check the various parameters, changing the brightness, contrast, saturation and so on. This allows you to greatly improve the quality of our shot, giving us fresh and renewed images.

Added to this are the functions that allow you to make small adjustments, not only eliminating some mole or some annoying pimple that risks ruining our image, but even allowing us to retouch, in the true sense of the word, small parts of our body that maybe we would like to have in a different way. This way everyone can have a slimmer nose or a more pronounced cheekbone.

Fotor: software versions and final conclusions | Review

We are now reaching the end of this review and it is time to draw some conclusions. Although it is a web-based software, it is a must praise the completeness of the same and the simplicity with which you can edit photos and create image collages. Cleaning the workbench also makes it easier to locate various functions and succeeds keep attention on our work without being misled.

It can be used by everyone, experienced or not, and above all it does not require the installation of third party components to work smoothly and guarantee all the features it is equipped with. By doing so we can avoid overloading our CPU and RAM, thus making it also perfect for less performing computers that can’t handle the “weight” of some software. In addition to the basic version, completely free and accessible to everyone even if with some limitations, there is a Pro version accessible for $ 8.99 per month or $ 39.99 per year (about $ 3.33 per month).

That’s all for this review on Fotor. If you are interested, by clicking here you will be refer to the official product page, where you can start your work. To not miss future reviews on the software world, keep following the pages of!

Points in favor

  • Easy and intuitive
  • Good cleaning of the workbench
  • No use of CPU or RAM
  • Magic Clipper function
  • Great for editing

Points against

  • Slightly disappointing banners
  • Layered feature not visible