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Fractured Sanity: Release date announced

Ready for an intense and immersive VR horror adventure? Fractured Sanity is coming; announced the imminent release date of the title. Let’s find out the details in this dedicated news

The Brazilian study United Games reveals the exit date of their immersive VR game – Fractured Sanity; designed to be a short but terrifying experience, the launch on Steam and Oculus App Lab is set for March 28. Fractured Sanity is an exciting story surrounding Triton Health Asylum led by a distinguished psychologist, Dr. Matthew Simmons, who has conducted experiments on how to break people’s identities, egos and superegos apart.

Fractured Sanity: release date and info on the game

In addition to knowing the release date of Fractured Sanity we know that as the protagonist, you wake up in a cell at the psychiatric clinic with no memory of how you got there. You embark on an intense and harrowing experience to find out what really happened to you and the staff who have been missing. In the game, you will have to solve puzzles and fight for your life with demons chasing you and trying to kill you. The entire VR experience is based on realistic and interactive puzzles and mechanics that immerse you fully in the sinister story with a surprise ending.

Locked up in this facility, you have to find your way out by collecting items, solving puzzles and interacting with everything in a VR simulation based on physics. Keeping a keen eye for detail is very important because the answer may be closer than you think. Many secrets are hidden in this facility, so you need to find out what’s going on… and how to escape. Realistic interactions make every action immersive. Open doors, use flashlight, levers and more. Any item you find could be useful; read carefully and interact with the environment to solve the puzzles.

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