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Framed: The Wordle for cinema is here

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Here comes the spin-off of Wordle for movie fans: it’s called Framed, and it challenges players to recognize films starting from an image.

Framed: a Wordle on the history of Cinema

Dear cinephiles from around the world: this is for you. A new spin-off of Wordle is born entirely dedicated to the world of cinema: it’s called Framed. Players have to start from an image taken from the scene of a certain movie and guess the title of the film. At each error we will be shown another scene from the same work, up to a maximum of 5 attempts, after which the game will reveal the solution. Every day, at the stroke of midnight, the game updates with a new movie of the day.

You can try Framed directly from your browser, without having to download any app, by clicking here. You can also post the results on social media to brag to your friends or challenge them. The game also allows you to keep a history of statistics (percentage of wins, series, etc.)

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Framed is just the latest of the many Wordle-style games that are populating the web. Others we have told you about are:

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