FUJIFILM Instax: la primavera con le fotocamere instantanee

FUJIFILM Instax: spring with instant cameras

FUJIFILM with Instax welcomes spring with instant cameras, perfect for capturing outdoor moments, including the brand new Mini Evo Hybrid

Spring is upon us, the days are timidly lengthening, Easter is in the air, the carefree moments to be experienced outdoors burst forcefully into everyday life and the highlight of ceremonies and therefore of gifts, to be given and received, opens up. Giving and sharing an emotion with FUJIFILM is possible, thanks to the instax series which includes compact instant cameras, easy to use and with a technological heart to never miss a shot.

Let’s find out all the Instax together to better enjoy the spring period, which brings with it outdoor parties and ceremonies.

FUJIFILM Instax: spring with Instax cameras

mini EVO Hybrid, la instax NERD

FUJIFILM Instax: spring with instant cameras

With a sophisticated and classic look instax mini Evo combines the excitement and fun of analog instant camera features with unmatched digital photo technology, to store, share and print images. mini Evo realizes its potential in the hands of those who want something more from an instant camera or those who know about photography. The uniqueness of the mini Evo consists of the ten modes placed on the integrated lens and ten filter options for cinematic effects that offer 100 different combinations to express yourself and create unique and unrepeatable shots. Plus, by printing on instax mini instant film, the mini Evo creates the highest instax instant print quality ever achieved with 600 dpi when printed directly from the camera.

Instax mini Evo Hybrid, in the classic combined black and silver finish, is available at the suggested price of 199.99 euros including VAT. To find out more, discover our review here.

Mini 11, the most iconic instax

FUJIFILM Instax: spring with instant cameras

Instax mini 11 is sparkling, super social, suitable for the little ones or the teenager who loves to show off with a fashionable accessory and who knows how to share in an instant, the time of a shot, the joy of an instant.

Built-in auto exposure brings out both the subject and the context in which it is located. Simple to use, excellent print quality, mini 11 is always ready for action. Taking selfies and close-ups with instax mini 11 is very simple, just extract the lens by grabbing it from the front edge and here appears, as if by magic, a lens made especially for selfies, in the same color as the camera body. instax mini 11 is available in five different pastel shades (Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Gray, Ice White and Lilac Purple) at the indicative price, suggested to the public, of 79.99 euros including VAT. The camera is also equipped with two different shutter buttons that are interchangeable according to the preferences of the users.

mini 40, when instax puts on a ceremony dress and finds space in every event!

FUJIFILM Instax: spring with instant cameras

Instax mini 40 is finished with a high quality texture that fits comfortably in one hand. The body is bright black, trimmed with silver details, which give life to a sophisticated and timeless look. Due to its peculiar design, it fits perfectly in the hands of a more adult and sophisticated user. She winks at the female universe, but at the same time her style attracts the shooting fantasy of the male audience who will find gender belonging in this instant camera to express their own self, their own vision. With automatic shutter speed and brightness settings, what you see is what you get in every shot, every time. The automatic exposure function, which it is equipped with, automatically detects the ambient light level when the shutter button is pressed, so as to optimize the shutter speed and flash output according to the surrounding environment.

Instax mini 40 is available at the suggested retail price of € 99.99 including VAT. To find out more, discover our review here.

instax SQUARE SQ1, the purest design in a generous square format

FUJIFILM Instax: spring with instant cameras

Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ1 combines simplicity, functionality and design to achieve exciting photos in the square format, bigger for more fun, more friends, more potential. She is an adventure companion, ready to go on trips and faraway destinations, thanks to a rounded handle with anti-slip texture and automatic exposure, ie it automatically detects the ambient light level when you press the shutter button. Together with the built-in selfie mirror, it features One-Touch Selfie mode for taking selfies and macro shots.

Instax SQUARE SQ1 is available in three colors, Terracotta Orange, Glacier Blue and Chalk White, at the recommended price of € 139.99 including VAT.