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Free Now diventa partner di American Express

Customers from today Free Now for Business will be able to link their account to Business Travel Account (BTA) di American Express. A partnership that allows business travelers to no longer have to manually load taxi receipts.

Free Now diventa partner di American Express

Those who work can use American Express BTA to combine travel expenses in a centralized way, using a single payment solution. This gives greater visibility and control over travel costs, with a single monthly statement to manage the various trips. And it also allows you to make sure your employees use preferred suppliers, as well as eliminate extra expenses thanks to automated billing.

It is now also possible to link the Free Now for Business account, to add transport to the account with centralized billing for travel. The partnership is valid for the seven European countries in which Free Now for Business operates: Austria, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Valentin Naidja, VP Global Sales of FREE NOW for Business, comments: “The integration of Free Now with the American Express Business Travel Account is a must for our business customers in Europe. We understand that an efficient payment method is a key part of business travel management. With Free Now for Business, our ultimate goal is to create an experience that has simplicity and freedom as its core, which is why we are delighted to announce our partnership with American Express. ”

Tabitha Lens, Vice President, Head of Marketing, Products & Partnerships, American Express Italia, comments: “By integrating Free Now for Business with our American Express Business Travel Account, companies can centralize the booking, payment and reconciliation process of ground transportation in one place. This allows for greater visibility of expenses and further supports their automation and management consolidation. improving the customer experience for both travelers and travel managers “.

Find out more about Free Now here.

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