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Free taxi outside the discos, how the initiative works

It’s a hot summer and with many new features, the last one is free taxis outside the clubs, that’s all you need to know.

Free taxi outside the clubs, that's all you need to know, source DepositPhotosFree taxi outside the clubs, that’s all you need to know, source DepositPhotos

When did the initiative start?

The experimentation of free taxis outside the discos is starting from the first weekend of August, as envisaged by the Government. The initiative runs until mid-September and is aimed at those who abuse alcohol.

The clubs involved are six: The Capannina of Castiglione della Pescaia at the Baia Imperiale of Gabicce Mare. This provision was strongly desired by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matthew Salvini to bring home safely those who have drunk too much and at the same time prevent and more frequent massacres on Saturday night.

The inevitable controversies via social media

The social population immediately mobilized for criticism. Or rather, he finds the initiative commendable, but with the hashtag #taxigratis from Twitter they can be read. “If you are elderly and have to go home from a medical visit, you pay for the taxi; if you’re young, drunk and have to go home from the disco, the state will pay you. It’s not a country for old men, but for drunk young people (as long as they don’t go to raves)”

Again, Muma from Parma writes: “Look at it as you like, but this normalization of alcohol is not only stupid but also dangerous”.

A new term is also added “Drinking income”.

Free taxi outside the clubs, that's all you need to know, source DepositPhotosFree taxi outside the clubs, that’s all you need to know, source DepositPhotos

What funds are available to reimburse taxi drivers?

Taxi drivers are already protesting about something else, plus the disbursement that the government will shoulder. In fact, the agreement provides for the allocation of funds to pay for the white car, van or shuttle to anyone who leaves the disco and, by submitting to the alcohol test, exceeds the limit established by law to drive. The person concerned – reads the note from MIT – “she will be taken home and so will the people she accompanied. The entertainment venues, subject to an agreement with the local taxi driver or NCC companies, will provide the voucher.

Cities where free taxis are found

These are the entertainment venues that will start the experimental project: Disco Mascara All Music – Mantua; Il Muretto Disco – Jesolo Lido (Venice); Praja Disco – Gallipoli (Lecce); Disco Baia Imperiale – Gabicce Mare (Pesaro – Urbino); Naki Disco – Pavia; The Shed – Castiglione della Pescaia (Grosseto).

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