Frist 4 Figures: here is the new Okami Shiranui PVC Statue

First 4 Figures presented, through a “hype video” the new statue “Okami Shiranui PVC Statue” based on the videogame

After a couple of teasers released to tease video game fans, Deadline 4 Figures has officially announced its brand new PVC statue. This Okami Shiranui PVC Statue, available in three versions, will shape Shiranui, resting on a rock, while Ishaku is sitting at her feet.

While the “classic” edition will represent the wolf with his eyes turned to the left, the version “Celestial Howl“(As the name says) will depict the protagonist as he howls. To these two, another one is added which will contain both heads interchangeable, in order to decide how to exhibit your statue in full freedom.

Frist 4 Figures: here is the new Okami Shiranui PVC Statue

With Extremely detailed painting details, in addition to parts glow-in-the-dark, we have the phantom led illumination by Frist 4 Figures which, also in this statue is present! This collector’s item will boast aheight of 22cm, for a depth of 23cm it’s a width of 20cm. Now let’s see the video in which it is possible to observe the various peculiarities of all three versions:

This statue of Frist 4 Figure is already available for pre-order on the official website. By purchasing it in advance you can take advantage of a discount. There Exclusive Edition boasts a cost of $149.99, as well as the Celestial Howl. If you decide to buy the Combo Editioninstead, you can make it yours a $269.99.

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