From Sweden comes Stilride 1, the metal electric scooter

Stilride 1, dalla Svezia arriva lo scooter elettrico in metallo ispirato agli origami thumbnail

The Sweden has succeeded in the enterprise and presents Style ride 1 lo electric scooter in metallo inspired by origami. We specify: the only e-scooter in the world, at the moment, forged using a sola slab Of metallo. Thus, from a single foil it can be obtained a low impact vehicle. From design to production that’s why this vehicle is unique.

Stilride 1, from Sweden the steel that winks at the environment and the future

Lo sport utility style ride 1 it is a virtuosity of technology and materials. The Swedish start-up, during the presentation, illustrates that by applying their technology Stilfoldcompared to a scooter of the same type made in the traditional way. Stilride 1 is 40% lighterhas the 70% fewer structural componentswith lower material costs 20% and lower production 25%.

Stilride 1, from Sweden comes the origami-inspired metal electric scooter, source sito

Tue Beyercto Stilride, spiega: “The production line is located within our headquarters in Stockholm, where the human touch of our design team is translated into advanced robotics. Our ambition is to use materials that are as climate-neutral as possible, which naturally means relying on local resources.

Swedish stainless steel is not only internationally renowned for its quality, it is also very clean Stilride 1 is a high-tech scooter, equipped with intelligent connectivity and advanced safety measures.

L’electric vehicle control unit (eVcu) offers connectivity features and advanced interfaces through an official appwith updates on battery life and performance optimizations”.

Stilride 1, fly to the finish at 100 km/h

The Stilride 1 electric scooter has the engine housed in the rear hub which produces 280Nm of maximum torquepushing it to one maximum speed of 100 km/h. Stilride 1 is powered by a pack 51V/5.1 kWh lithium batteries. This offers a range of about 120km with a four-hour charge.

The wheels are 3.50 x 13 inches, the brakes are discs ISR with two-channel anti-lock braking system Continental. As well as front and rear suspension. On the balance the e-scooter weighs about 130 kgbattery included.

The part of interaction and connection is entrusted to a generous cockpit, from where you can monitor all the functions of the vehicle.

Stilride 1, from Sweden comes the origami-inspired metal electric scooter, source sitoStilride 1, from Sweden comes the origami-inspired metal electric scooter, source sito

Stilride 1, costs and units available on the market

A unique and handcrafted vehicle, Style ride 1whose first series is called “Limited Founders Edition” can be booked on the dedicated website. With a deposit of 250 euro against a final price of 15.000 euro. The first deliveries of the electric scooter are scheduled for spring 2024.