How to wash your bike in an ecological way with Stop & Go BiciLavaggio

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Arriva Stop & Go BiciLavaggiothe new system of cleaning green bike, which retrieves the oily residue. A survey conducted by Altroconsumo in 2021 indicates that the 70% of detergents used for the house cleaning contains at least one dangerous substance for the environment.

Bike Facilities, the company that researches, develops and promotes products for electric micro mobility in particular columns for recharging and repairing electric and mechanical bicycles. He cares a lot about the environment, the use of the bike and its maintenance.

Stop & Go BiciLavaggio, an ally of sustainability

“We encourage the use of electric and zero-emission vehicles to reduce our impact on the environment, but if, once we have finished using the bicycle, we dirty the groundwater due to the chemical detergents we use to wash the vehicle, what’s the point?“ . He explains Fabio Toccolifounder of Bike Facilities.

And it is precisely from this reflection that Bike Facilities has chosen to include the new one in its portfolio of services ‘Stop&Go BiciLavaggio’ bike washing system. It is sustainable, autonomous and made in Austria.

Stop & Go BiciLavaggio, the new green bike cleaning system that recovers the oily residue, press office

Stop & Go BiciLavaggio, the first ‘intelligent bike shower’

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So it’s about the first “smart bike shower”. Thanks to an innovative technology and the use of biodegradable detergents with a high degreasing action. He’s able to totally recover the oily residues used in the lubrication of the bicycle. This prevents their dispersion in the environment and the consequent pollution of the aquifers.

Furthermore, Toccoli adds: “Stop & Go BiciLavaggio is the result of 25 years of work experience. This is a pioneer in the field of oil filtering and separation technology.

What convinced us to include this product in the Bike Facilities circuit are the values. Those that unite our reality and the Austrian company that created the system. The love for bikes, the search for quality components and serious workmanship“.

Stop & Go BiciLavaggioil first autonomous and 100% sustainable bike wash

On average, a high pressure cleaning requires 20 bars of pressure. A minimum consumption of 7 liters of water per minute. Stop &Go BiciLavaggiothanks to a system of low pressure cleaning with a power of 9.5 bar.

With this one is guaranteed very low water consumptionequal to approx 1.8 liters per minute. This low pressure washing system, in addition to reduce water consumption, does not damage the bicycle gears.

It is the only player on the market using only hot water -with a temperature around 60°C- allows you to minimize the amount of detergent (biodegradable) needed.

Stop & Go BiciLavaggio, how it works

Stop & Go Bike Wash works through a self-cleaning system That, thanks to a particle separator and an oil separatorallows you to recover the gray water discarded from cleaning and re-introduce it into the canalization and therefore into the environment.

Stop & Go BiciLavaggio, the new green bike cleaning system that recovers the oily residue, press officeStop & Go BiciLavaggio, the new green bike cleaning system that recovers the oily residue, press office

Another differentiating aspect is the functioning of the innovative BiciLavaggio it is entirely electric and thanks to the instantaneous water heater it is so can be installed where there is no hot water connection: electricity and cold water are sufficient.

The availability of hot water, made possible through the installation of solar systems, would further increase its sustainability.

Stop & Go BiciLavaggioa convenient opportunity for hotels, accommodation facilities, workshops and rental points

In the end, Stop & Go BiciLavaggio it is made of stainless steel so as to minimize the risk of rust and corrosion over the years. Furthermore, thanks to the internal autonomous cleaning system, allows you to always leave the area surrounding the structure clean and dry: 99% of the water and detergent used, but also waste materials such as dirt and oil, leave no traces on the outside.

An aspect that can be more interesting and convenient for hotels, campsites, hospitality businesses, tourist destinations and workshops because, being a structure that works independently and does not require the installation of ad hoc structures, it does not require further investments or efforts and allows anyone to wash your bike in a simple and convenient way.