From today you can record the sound of your alarm on Android

Da oggi puoi registrare il suono della tua sveglia su Google Pixel thumbnail

There’s a mistake we’ve all made in the past: setting an alarm clock to a song we love. Since then, many have stopped customizing the sound of their morning alarm, preferring those preset by smartphones. Impersonal for sure, but at least they don’t spoil our listening to the songs we love. But today on smartphones Google Pixel something new is available: record the sound of your alarm clock.

The only limit at this point is creativity. Whether you choose to wake up to the sound of your cat purring or the voice of your boss urging you to go to work, the choice is absolutely yours.

Google Pixel: here’s how to record a sound for the alarm

Previously it was already possible to customize the sound of your alarm, but it was necessary to import the files in question. Now however, as the developers of XDA report (via The Verge), it is possible to do everything with a click. By accessing the Google Pixel “Clock” settings, in the “Alarm clock” subsection, it is possible directly record what we prefer to hear when we wake up.

Unfortunately this feature it is not available for other Android smartphonesas it uses Pixel’s specific sound recording app.

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In another news Google, given the imminent closure of the Stadia service, has announced that an update for the controllers will also make them usable with other devices via Bluetooth.