Samsung Neo QLED and Lifestyle: Circadian Rhythm Display certification arrives

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Samsung’s Neo QLED and Lifestyle 2023 TVs are the first screens to achieve “Circadian Rhythm Display” certification. Let’s see the details

Samsung announced that the 2023 line-ups of TV Neo QLED e Lifestyle have obtained the certificationCircadian Rhythm Display” by the German certifying body Association of German Electrical Engineers (VDE), leader in the field of electrical design. This certification recognizes the company’s commitment to developing technologies and products tailored for the consumer.

This is what the Circadian Rhythm Display certification of the new Samsung Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs is all about

The claim acknowledges that mode Eye Comfort of TVs Samsung offers an optimal viewing experience for users who spend more time at home. All of this is made possible automatically balancing light exposure and color temperature to simulate outdoor natural light.

Samsung Neo QLED and Lifestyle: Circadian Rhythm Display certification arrives

The circadian rhythm consists of a cycle that inhibits the secretion of melatonin during dynamic activities during the day, activating its release at night to sleep peacefully; melatonin, in fact, is a hormone that helps maintain a peaceful sleep. VDE certification recognizes the benefits of Eye Comfort Mode for users’ circadian rhythmanalyzing the circadian stimulus with different lighting levels and evaluating its effect on melatonin suppression.

The certification process complies with the requirements of the Circadian Stimulus method, based on the research results of the Lighting Research Center American. This is just one of the many certifications obtained by Samsung TVs, to demonstrate of the constant commitment aimed at placing the user and his experiences at the center of product design. For more information on Samsung’s 2023 product line-up, we refer you to the company’s official website.

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