Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini review: analog for everyone

We finally got our hands on the Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini, let’s find out in the review every detail about this totally analog instant camera!

The camera Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini it is a very interesting, totally analog product that is characterized by the instant printing of the photos produced. The premises are excellent, as is the extremely well-finished design.

Technical features | Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini review

  • Pellicola – Fujifilm Instant Colour Film “instax mini” 86 mm x 54 mm (immagine: 62 mm x 46 mm)
  • 0.37x Galilean viewfinder with target spot
  • 2-component, 2-element lens, Focal length – f = 60mm, 1: 12.7
  • Focus – 0.3m to infinity (With Selfie mode from 0.3m to 0.5m)
  • Auto Exposure, Programmed Electronic Shutter, 1/2 to – 1/250 sec. Slow synchronization for low light conditions
  • Sensitivity: LV5.0 – 15.5 (ISO800)
  • Constant trigger flash (automatic brightness correction) range up to 2.7m
  • 104mm × 121mm × 65mm mm, 330g (excluding battery, strap and film)

Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini review: analog for everyone

The camera | Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini review

The camera data sheet tells little of what Fujifilm offers with its Instax 40 mini. In fact we are faced with a product that is characterized by an “Epic and timeless” design, which completely reinterprets the features of the old snapshots to which our parents had accustomed us. The camera, however, has a modern heart, and this is manifested above all in the management of theexposure (fully automatic) which aims to facilitate the user in the shooting phase, transforming the Instax 40 in a point and click within everyone’s reach. In fact, the exposure meter is very accurate and manages to adequately expose the photo in ordinary conditions. In some cases, mainly due to extreme conditions that we deliberately went to search for, the exposure meter failed to be perfect, making us miss the moment.

Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini review: analog for everyone

This, although it is a problem, we do not consider it to be a defect in the emotional field that such a camera is able to express, the thrill of not knowing how the photo came out, the wait while the film comes to life, does everything. part of the game. However, do not expect a product that is difficult to use indeed. Thanks to Galilean viewfinder 0.37x it will be very easy to compose your photo, as well as taking a “selfie” becomes very simple. This is thanks both to the mirror, which is really very precise in returning the shot, and thanks to the ergonomics of the camera, to end up with the “selfie mode” that pushes reduces the minimum distance of focus to always ensure that the MAF is centered. The autonomy of this camera is almost infinite: about 100 prints, but even more. Really many compared to the competition.

Prints which, being totally analogue, manage to have that lost 90-80s feel. Furthermore, depending on the chosen film, different effects can be had on both the colors and the frames themselves. From the point of view of reliability we are faced with a product in our eternal opinion: little electronics. It should be noted that the dimensions of the camera, although not very small, are still such as to make it easily transportable in your pocket or backpack without any problem. But leaving the technicalities behind, how does the Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini perform in the field?

Walking with… | Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini review

We took the Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini in every ride in order to test it in every condition. Sea, mountains, city, we did not miss anything. In these movements, its portability has been our friend: no problem finding a place for it. We then used the Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini both to take some “souvenir photos”, both for selfies and even for a little more serious shots.

As expected, the front mirror did its job perfectly, and similarly the viewfinder, although small, proved to be adequate for any occasion. Even in particular climatic conditions, such as the typical torrid heat of Rome, and even the rain that surprised us a couple of times, Instax 40 mini continued to do its job by always printing everything without undergoing alterations due to external temperatures or rain. . The shutter speed is surprising compared to what is offered by the competitors: in a few moments we are ready for the next photo, while the outgoing one is taking shape.

Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini review: analog for everyone

Worth noting is the quality, but above all the character, of the photographs produced. The look is purely analog, and the amazing three-dimensionality of the image despite the small size which has often proved to be an unexpected plus. In fact, the Instax 40 mini was able to impress all the people we met who, after trying it, often decided to want one because of its immediacy and the possibility of touching the photos at no time. It should be noted that, by changing film, we can obtain different looks for our photos.

Analogue photography for everyone

Fujifilm Instax 40 Mini is a really beautiful machine aesthetically but above all fast and functional. Finding defects is difficult, we could complain about the yield in total darkness, but in those conditions do we really need to take a picture? For this reason we recommend this camera to those looking for something different, an intrepid travel companion capable of giving us all-round satisfactions on any occasion we decide should keep us company. The price? Solo 99€, very few compared to what it offers, which also become much less considering the constant presence of discounts in the various stores.

Economical only in price

Points in favor

  • Build quality
  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • Totally analog
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