Fujifilm Italia is a partner of Fotografica 2023, the Bergamo Photography Festival

Fujifilm Italia è partner di Fotografica 2023, il Festival di Fotografia di Bergamo  thumbnail

At two symbolic locations in Bergamo Alta, namely the Carmine Monastery they Former Salt Warehouses, “WE HERE” will take place from October 14th to November 19ththe fourth edition of Fotografica 2023, Bergamo Photography Festivalorganized by the APS Photographic Association. FUJIFILM Italia has been at the side of the event since the first edition and in this fourth it is as technical sponsor. It will be an active part, helping to expand the already rich offer of content, bringing the project to the public display Gianmarco Maraviglia “Cover Me With Gold”, created with the GFX50S and X-H2S cameras and which FUJIFILM followed and supported, from the initial conception to the creation of the images on display in print format.

Fujifilm Italia is a partner of the fourth edition of Fotografica 2023

FUJIFILM will be present on the days of Sunday 22 October and Sunday 12 Novemberfrom 11:00 to 19:00, at the Monastero del Carmine, with a space Touch&Try where amateur and professional photographers can try the latest news from the GFX and Series X range.

Cover Me With Goldthe exhibition at Fotografica 2023

Cover Me With Gold” will be on display at the Ex Magazzini del Sale spaceand it is the story of the boys and girls of Sant’Ambroeus, the incredible Milanese football team where young immigrants, asylum seekers, people waiting to get a residence permit play.

Having reached the second category of the FIGC, the Italian Football Federation, the Sant’Ambroeus Football Club represents an example – as well as a symbol – of how in recent years many independent teams have welcomed refugees and asylum seekers to testify that, starting from sport, you can have a dignified welcome and true integration. “Cover Me With Gold” is a story of redemption and inclusion, where gold is the color of victory, it is the color of the sun, of light, but it also evokes the image of the thermal blankets that wrap the migrants who have just landed on our coasts.

The name of the team underlines that, despite their different origins, all the players are Milanese. Football is a universal language that has shown us to be one of the most effective integration tools in difficult contexts, as often happens in the city suburbs. The team has a pool of 60 athletes from West Africa, but also from the rest of the world.

Fujifilm’s debut as a technical sponsor

For his debut at Fotografica, FUJIFILM took it upon himself to print Gianmarco Maraviglia’s work on one of its best supports: professional photographic paper Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Paper Type DPII, from the Original Photographer Paper family, silver halide with RA4 photographic process. The Matt finish was chosen for the particular color rendering which enhances the beauty of the images and their unaltered preservation over time. It offers, in fact, exceptional definition, excellent image stability and extraordinary color saturation.