FUJIFILM printlife @ home: the contest and the exhibition

FUJIFILM presents printlife @ home the weekly photo contest that ends with an exhibition

FUJIFILM printlife @ home is the digital exhibition in which to share a message, a story, a story, a personal moment, or rather one’s own shot, it also opens up to photographic contests with a theme that varies from week to week, in which there are instax products. Initially a photo contest, free and open to all, wants to stimulate the creativity of photography enthusiasts and authors, also giving the opportunity to win every week.

The platform that hosts the contest also allows you to see the shots of the winners and upload your photos with great ease. There are many photos that are uploaded every hour and being able to view the five winning photos of the week also allows you to have new ideas for the next photos.

FUJIFILM: printlife @ home the photo contest

Fujifilm awards five photos and their authors every week, reserving the first place the SHARE SP3 printer, second place instant camera instax mini LiPlay, third place SQUARE SQ1, fourth place mini 40 and fifth place mini 11.

To participate in the contests, three single actions will be enough: take, select and upload the most significant photo of your 2021 to the site! Non there is time to linger further, on December 5, 2021 is the latest date to be one of the authors of FUJIFILM printlife @ home.