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FUJIFILM: the new Instax mini film for Valentine’s Day

FUJIFILM presents Instax Heart Sketch a film for mini format, perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day and other special events

The new Instax Heart Sketch mini format film embodies all the Instax essence, that is fun, light-heartedness and creativity, to capture, share and give away memorable moments.

Each pack of HEART SKETCH contains ten films each different with heart motifs of various sizes and types in a hand-drawn style. This new product will be available on the market ahead of Valentine’s Day, as a gift or keepsake idea to celebrate love and friendship, but it is also perfect for other special occasions.

FUJIFILM: the new Instax mini film for Valentine's Day

FUJIFILM: the new Instax mini format film to celebrate Valentine’s Day

INSTAX mini-format film is an instant photo print the size of a credit card, produced by INSTAX cameras and INSTAX smartphone printers, such as the mini 11 camera and mini Link 2 printer. The mini format films are available not only in the standard white frame, but also in frames decorated with a variety of colors and designs . Trendy frames with a wide variety of motifs are used by many INSTAX fans, especially those who want to be even more creative with their INSTAX prints.

This kind of film very creative fits perfectly to the new mini Link 2 printer and to its creative modalities such as the possibility of inserting the luminous writings made directly with the printer at the time of shooting. A perfect match for content creators who target the social media audience, but also to create a unique and very creative gadget as a gift.

INSTAX mini HEART SKETCH film is presented in a box of ten shots and will be available from January 31, 2023 at the suggested price of 9.99 euros including VAT.