Fully electric Alfa Romeo new Mito coming soon

Alfa Romeo: ci sarà una nuova Mito ma questa volta completamente elettrica thumbnail

A new Alfa Romeo Mito is on its way (no one knows when) and will be fully electric. The confirmation comes from the CEO of Alfa Romeo Jean-Philippe Learned which also announced that the brand will launch a new car every year until 2030 under the new owner Stellantis. In the range then it will come a little SUV, called Brenner, by 2025, plus there will be new versions for the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan and the SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio, in addition to the long-awaited return ofAlfa Romeo GTV coupé. To these models, as mentioned, Alfa Romeo will also add a new compact, which will be developed to give a new entry model to the brand, using the technology made available by the Stellantis Group in a reasonable manner.

The latest Mito production release in 2019

The original Mito, launched in 2008, was put out of production in 2019 due to falling demand for three-door models. From this, it is possible to imagine that the next Myth will inevitably have five doors to maximize sales and at the same time easily leverage one of the two Stellantis platforms currently in use.

Alfa Romeo, the use of the e-CMP platform is likely for the new Mito

The first of these is the one that is the basis of the new Fiat 500, which was developed mainly for the electric city car but which will also have to be used for other models to justify its development. However, it is more likely to Alfa Romeo and the new one Mito the e-CMP platform is destined used by Peugeot e-208 and Vauxhall Corsa-e, as its proportions are evidently ideal for a new compact with a sporty soul.

And, of course, the new Mito will be exclusively electric since Alfa Romeo will stop producing internal combustion engine cars starting in 2025. From this point of view it will not be a surprise if the configuration of the ‘e-208 and the Corsa-e are used for the new Mito, which use a 50 kWh and a 134 HP engine for about 350 km of autonomy.

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