Futura: the trailer of the film with Matilde Gioli and Niels Schneider

Futura is the new film focused on the world of jazz and techno music with Matilde Gioli and Niels Schneider. Let’s find out the trailer together.

Futura is the new film with Matilde Gioli and Niels Schneider directed by Lamberto Sanfelice which will be available in cinemas from 17 June 2021 and stars Matilde Gioli and Niels Schneider. A film focused on the story of a jazz musician who wants to give himself a second chance in the world of music.

Futura: trailer and synopsis of the film with Matilde Gioli and Niels Schneider

Louis is a talented jazz player who gave up on music after struggling with the first difficulties of life as a trumpeter. He makes ends meet by working as a night taxi driver and dealing cocaine with Lucya, a Chilean transsexual who happens to be his only friend. The sense of frustration at an existence that he feels does not belong to him and an unresolved relationship with his father figure, the legendary saxophonist Max Perri (inspired by the figure of Massimo Urbani), further distance Louis from his wife and daughter. The opportunity for redemption comes when Niko, an old friend of his father, offers him to join his band for an important concert, which could mark a turning point in the man’s career. Louis is determined not to miss the chance to get his life back, but getting out of crime and the drug dealing business isn’t easy and the man falls back into a whirlwind that leads him to endanger his daughter.

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