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Game of Thrones: a prequel on the conquest of the Targaryens is coming?

Is HBO planning a new prequel set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones? Let’s find out what it is

A news flash was enough to send the fans into raptures, but how can you blame him if the news in question speaks of a possible new spin-off prequel set in the world of Game of thrones e you House of The Dragon? The new production, still under discussion, should take us back to more ancient times, to the creation of the iconic game of thrones. Here are all the details.

The birth of the throne | Game of Thrones: a prequel on the conquest of the Targaryens is coming?

But what should we expect from this new production? The events should be about the Aegon I Targaryen’s conquest of Westeros (called the Conqueror) and the consequent forging of the game of thrones, which has come up to the time in which the mother series is set. The plot will focus on another incredible war, which burned the western continent, a hundred years before the events narrated in House of The Dragon and 300 from those told in Game of Thrones. We will see the arrival in Westeros of Aegon I and his two sisters and wives Visenya e Rhaenys. With their incredible army and three great dragons, they overturned most of the existing Kingdoms, becoming their rulers. Aegon I is in fact the first Targaryen king to sit on the throne of swords.

Game of Thrones: a prequel on the conquest of the Targaryens is coming?

Work in progress | Game of Thrones: a prequel on the conquest of the Targaryens is coming?

Clearly the news circulating is far from clear, this is why the series is still under discussion, it doesn’t have a screenwriter, let alone a director. Not only that, it is not even clear whether a series or a film will be produced. This new HBO production, unlike the others, will in fact be able to count on the collaboration of the studio Warner Bros, which is why one might suspect that the project is headed towards a feature film, rather than a series. Of course, this is just speculation, everything would still be in the planning stage; what is certain is that similar news has caused quite a stir, also thanks to the importance of the facts narrated which, together with the rebellion of Robert Baratheon (which, however, does not seem to be in the pipeline, for now) turns out to be one of the historical periods of Westeros most exciting of all the saga of George RR Martin.

What else is cooking?

From the conclusion of Game of Thrones, despite a not exactly noteworthy ending, it really seems that HBO has understood the enormous potential of this series, in fact there are many projects in the pipeline. The first is the one that concerns closely Kit Haringtonwhich could return to the role of the unforgettable Jon Snowin a sequel series, titled Snow. There have also been rumors about other prequels, of which, however, we know very little. The first, called 10.000 Shipsshould narrate the deeds of Nymeria, an ancestor of House Martell (a character who inspired Arya Stark, in choosing the name of her direwolf) and 9 Voyages (Sea Snake), dedicated instead to the sea voyages of Corlys Velaryon. To these should be added Tales of Dunk and Eggwhich will tell the adventures of Sir Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg e three animated spin-offswhere we will finally see still unexplored places.

Game of Thrones: a prequel on the conquest of the Targaryens is coming?

For now, the only one who has arrived in fan homes has been alone House of the Dragon; a series that, despite the first perplexities, due to the season finale of the mother series, has managed to make its way into the hearts of the fans, obtaining a well-deserved success (here our review). Unfortunately the same fate did not happen to Bloodmoon, one of the first prequels announced, but then cancelled, after the pilot episode. Let’s hope that this does not happen also for the new productions, so hoped for by those who know the incredible history of Westeros. We hope to have news about it soon to announce. In the meantime, let us know what you think of these new productions.

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