Game of Thrones: Conquest, a special update for the fourth year

Game of Thrones: Conquest, per il quarto anno un aggiornamento speciale thumbnail

Warner Bros. Games and HBO celebrate four years of Game of Thrones: Conquest with the arrival of the Battlefields: a major update that invites players to compete in group content in this popular mobile strategy game and relive iconic moments from the Emmy® award-winning series.

These 30-minute events will test players’ skills and perseverance against new enemies, encouraging fans to collaborate with their Alliance. to defeat powerful opponents, delving deeper and deeper into the history of Game of Thrones.

All players of Fortress level 8 or higher will have access to the Battlefields via the Iron Gate, a new entry point in the city. Once the event started by the Alliance leaders, the members they will be able to access it together as a single battalion using keys called “Chronicles of Conflicts”, which they can obtain by completing the daily tasks. By teaming up with their Alliances in these strategic battles, players will be able to earn unique rewards and break their personal bests, conquering triumph together and facing united dangers.

The Battlefield inauguration event will begin with the Great Excursion, where the Alliances can join the Night’s Watch on an epic expedition into the deadly frozen tundra to fight the horrors lurking beyond the Wall. These unwavering monsters, including the Pale Spiders, the Undead Wolf and the Undead Bear, will grow stronger and can regenerate health, requiring players to synchronize attacks to defeat each enemy. Each monster is also vulnerable to a specific type of troops, allowing for quick rallies that lead to faster-paced cooperative action than in the main game.

Each new Battleground will introduce players to another area of ​​Westeros, with new enemies and themed rewards exclusive to this mode, which will allow you to unlock collectible Heroes, Mance Rayder and Lord of Bones, as well as the exclusive Token of the Night of the Raven. Players will also get advanced resources and experience with each victory.

The Great Excursion is just a taste of what players will be able to experience in the new Battlegrounds mode. With on-demand maps, this mode opens the door to familiar faces returning to the game, as well as opportunities to explore new battle scenarios and locations never before seen in Game of Thrones: Conquest history. New monsters will also be released in future updates that will require even better coordination from players. To maximize rewards, Alliance members will need to learn how to complete explosive rallies to defeat increasingly strong enemies and improve their Battalion’s abilities by modifying attack times and troop composition.

Game of Thrones: Conquest introduces features that take advantage of the mechanical aspects of a mobile game to encourage crafty gameplay and introduce the political plots at the heart of the television series. Battlefields is the newest addition to Game of Thrones features: Conquest after the debut of the Heroes: iconic characters with their own set of skills and statistics, Kingdom vs. Kingdom, limited-time Rebellion events that unlock all the Seat of Power at once (Seats of Power) and where two maps collide for domination of Westeros, and the Dragons, powerful allies that players can train for combat.