State of Play October: We Are OFK is an interactive music video game

During the State of Play in October, the particular game We Are OFK was also presented among the various new titles

At the State of Play in October there were news regarding various games, especially indie. We have seen an extended video of Little Devil Inside, as well as the new game similar to the mechanics of Among Us, called First Class Trouble, and also numerous other works that you can see through this article. All the titles seen at the State of Play were created by external Sony developers, and among them there is also We Are OFK, the new game of one of the designers of Hyper Light Drifter, creative director of Team OFK and member of the house of development-band indie-pop OFK, which had already made itself heard during the 2020 Game Awards.

We Are OFK: a mix of music videos, messages and interactions shown at the State of Play

In a post added to the PlayStation Blog following the State of Play, Teddy Dief speaks in an interview regarding We are OFK with Itsumi Saito, another member of the musical group, with the role of pianist and manager of OFK. Itsumi states that in many games the stories are characterized by antagonists such as monstrous creatures, soldiers, or evil companies. Still, the story they will tell them will not speak of all this: the villain of We Are OFK is the difficulty you encounter when trying to create something. We want to tell how difficult it is to create music, video games, art, videos, stories. In We Are OFK, you will discover how the band came together in Los Angeles, and how it is still standing in spite of everything.

Teddy expresses the empathy that the development studio had for the Itsumi story, as they found numerous resonant aspects in it regarding the video game creation and in doing animation. We Are OFK will split into five episodes, containing totally dubbed dialogues, together with the possibility of sending sentimental messages, spamming emojis, participating in chats with somewhat pushed topics. In addition, there will also be five interactive music videos, with the new songs of OFK. The game will be released on PS5 and PS4 in 2022, but a precise date has not been defined, except that it will be launched in conjunction with the debut EP of the OFK.

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