Gamescom 2022: the Xbox event live!

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Thanks to this article you can follow live the long-awaited Xbox event of Gamescom 2022 which will be held today starting at 14:00

Now the Gamescom 2022 it started two days ago but the big events are not over yet. After l’Opening Night Live and the Future Games Show in fact the moment has finally arrivedevento Xbox. During this presentation Microsoft will show the public a large number of news that will surely make all fans of the brand happy. If you are interested in following the Gamescom Xbox event in directin this article you will find a player that will allow you to do it with us.

Lots of news for the Xbox ecosystem

As happened for the Opening Night Live, also this time some of the titles that will be shown during the event have been revealed. For example, for the moment the presence of is confirmed Groundedthe survival of Obsidian Entertainment, A Plague Tale: Requiemthe new game from Asobo Studios, and of course Minecraft Legends, the new strategy of Mojang. In addition, there will also be titles such as Flight Simulator, Sea of Thieves, Gunfire Reborn e Age of Empires IV.

In addition to all the titles already announced, however, there will certainly also be many Announcements. Most likely in fact gods will be shown new trailers of many upcoming games and maybe even some new announcements Interesting. In addition, there will certainly be information relating to new titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass in the next months.

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