Gaming in the time of the pandemic: the Kingston investigation FURY

Il gaming ai tempi della pandemia: l'indagine di Kingston FURY thumbnail

A’Kingston FURY investigation photographed ihow gaming evolved during the pandemic. The survey in question was conducted within the brand’s community, involving a panel of enthusiasts who, for the most part, spend from 5 to 20 hours a week playing video games. According to over 50% of the sample, the pandemic has increased the time spent on gaming.

Gaming during the pandemic “photographed” by an investigation

During the pandemic, according to the Kingston FURY survey results, gaming helped 83% of respondents have fun to get through this difficult period. Only 9% said they started playing streaming games to keep in touch with friends and make new acquaintances.

Also worth mentioning some issues for videogaming during the pandemic. THE21% complained of a hiccup connection and 6% of system slowness. It should be noted that around 60% of users upgraded their gaming equipment during the pandemic.

Kingston FURY’s comment

Fabio Cislaghi, Kingston Technology Business Development Manager, declares: “In an ever-changing world, where habits and needs change quickly, we are proud to be a staple offering the excellent performance memory and quality of customer service that gaming enthusiasts have come to expect from us. . For a gamer, investing in DRAM and SSD is key – the right equipment can make the difference between winning or losing a game. Whatever the needs, Kingston FURY has the answer ready. “