Battlefield 2042: here are the details on the Hazard Zone in the new trailer

After yesterday’s teaser trailer, Battlefield 2042’s highly anticipated Hazard Zone mode was finally presented today, with lots of new details

The Hazard Zone mode, despite yesterday’s teaser trailer, had remained an unknown element to fans of the Battlefield series, who with the beta could only see the changes made in the new Battlefield 2042 chapter, without having access to other modes other than of the Conquest. But now it’s time to find out what exactly this new addition to the saga is, which, according to DICE, will take place in one place. highly hostile, not only because of the enemies, but also because of the surrounding environment.

Details on Hazard Zone, the new Battlefield 2042 mode

Hazard Zone has been repeatedly described as a game not comparable to a battle royale: in it, two teams of players will be explained in various missions, where the goal will not kill, but to steal the data in the satellites before someone – or something – kills them. There will be a smaller number of players, divided into eight different teams on all consoles, although those of the last generation will be limited to 24, while in the current it will be a maximum of 32 players. You will not win by remaining the last person alive, indeed, a match can be won and finished long before the match has ended for the other players.

Going into the details of the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone mode, presented in this new trailer, we will have teams of four members, who will divide the map to find the data, fighting with other teams in search of the same. The team that obtains all the data must go to the extraction point, located at a random point on the map and which usually appears in the middle of the match. And here’s where it starts to get interesting: there they are only two chances of extraction, and only one team can be saved. Victory will be obtained even if only one member of the team manages to get to the extraction point.

Before entering the game, players will be able to buy and equip gadgets through the money earned from previous games by extracting data drives, using the currency called Black Market Credits. Also, plan the composition of your team it will be fundamental not to be unprepared in various situations, and this detail is what gives hope for a good use of the Specialists, another novelty of the new chapter of Battlefield. Recall that the game will be released on November 19th, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PC.

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