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Gaming platforms between safety and offer: how to choose

Choosing an online casino is not only a matter of bonuses and game selection, but other important aspects must be considered, including the factor of reliability

Choosing one gaming platform, especially for the less experienced, but also for regular players, requires keeping in mind various factors, based on criteria that include the offer, but also all the variables connected to the user’s safety. On the Net, doing a simple searchIn fact, there are hundreds of options, but not always the most indexed ones correspond to the best online casinos, whether they are historic operators or newcomers to the sector.

The starting point, which corresponds to the basic requirement of every gaming platform, is legality, bearing in mind that the web does not select authorized operators from unauthorized ones. If you want to orient yourself, therefore, you can consult one of the many online casino comparison sites on the Internet, which compare legal dealers. In any case it is always better to be informed firsthand, to be a fully aware and responsible player.

The ADM license: the basic requirement

The license from ADM, Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, ensures that an online casino is authorized to offer games in Italy. The license number consists of 5 digits, assigned by ADM and must be visible on the site, at least on the homepage. Often the indication of a regular license is accompanied by the logo of the Agency, formerly AAMS, which today is represented by a tricolor half rudder. The ADM platforms that obtain the license are secure because they are equipped with encryption certificates (SSL) and therefore their domain, in the address bar, begins with “HTTPS”has a green padlock next to it, and ends with “.it”.

In fact, even if foreign, companies that want to operate in Italy must have a site address ending with “.it”. If a concessionaire is foreign, and legal in his own country (see Malta or Switzerland), in any case, it cannot offer games in Italy without going through the ADMwhich operates on behalf of the state. If you have any doubts, the Agency’s website has a section where the updated list of licensed dealers is published.

A navigation-proof platform

The gaming platform is called SCADand is subject to checks by the Verification Bodies, entities appointed by ADM for the issue of the certificate of conformity. Why is it important that the gaming platform is optimal? First of all, navigability, starting from the interface, from a browser or from a mobile phone, guarantees that the user can interact easily with the operator, evaluate his offer, but also the payment methods, the catalogue, and so on. Street. Secondly, a platform, also well optimized for mobile browsing, allows for a smooth and trouble-free game, but also the possibility of being able to contact the help desk in case of need.

About this, good customer service is 24/7which can be contacted by email but even better if provided through instant messaging tools, and therefore in modality “live chat”. A secure and reliable platform, from the structure to the games catalogue, is always developed by prestigious software houses. The partnership with developers are often displayed on the site by the dealer, and constitute a guarantee reason.

Gaming platforms between safety and offer: how to choose

Withdrawals and deposits: the range of choices

Transaction security is essential to consider an online casino fully secure. In addition to the already mentioned cryptographic protocols, the dealer must ensure that the user has a selection of deposit and withdrawal methods that meet his needs. Fundamental, in this sense, is that the deposit and withdrawal systems are secure.

The bank transfer and the credit and debit cards of the circuits VISA, Mastercard e Maestroprepaid them as Postepay, wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, but also systems such as Paysafecard they can’t miss. Each user chooses based on their availability, also bearing in mind that, from method to method, timing and commission costs change.

The RNG factor and the randomness of the results

You will have heard of RNG factor: the Random Number Generator is nothing more than a Random Number Generator, which ensures transparency and randomness of the results in games, as well as, consequently, impartiality. Why this happens – clearly we are talking about games that do not involve skills, from slot machines to quick games – providers must ensure that the games are impenetrable, and therefore that they cannot be tampered with by third parties: it is a matter of cybersecurity.

As can be seen, apart from the quality of the title in terms of graphics, software house come Microgaming, Playtech e NetEnt – to name a few of the most famous – they also take care of the safety factor, which is essential for those who want to play at legal online casinos.

Bonuses and wagering requirements

Bonuses are one of the aspects that users pay the most attention to. The choice depends on the type of player: those without a deposit are free credits released upon registration to try the games, and therefore do not require to be account holders, but the age of majority is still required. Welcome bonuses are used to welcome new members and are often redeemed by entering the appropriate code, to receive benefits such as free spins, or free spins on slots, or an extra real money to spend in the titles of the schedule. Bonuses can also reserve advantages for VIP customers, and therefore for more experienced players, but in all cases it is necessary to pay attention to various factors.

First of all, the expiry of the bonuses and the selection of the games must be evaluated: it is often the operator who decides on which titles certain bonuses are valid. The rollover, or wagering requirement, is also an important aspect: expressed by the sign “x” followed by a number, this factor indicates how many times it is necessary to play for the bonus to be subsequently withdrawable. Serious and reliable dealers specify all these variables in the terms and conditions of the offer: it’s a matter of transparency.

The payout: how much does a casino pay?

Even the payout it is an aspect considered important by many players, to make the final choice of an online casino to bet on. The payout is a term that expresses the money value returned to the players, starting from the sum of the bets. This value is expressed as a percentage: a payout of 90% means that out of a total of 1000 euros spent, 900 are returned to the players in the form of winnings.

We have therefore described the factor RTP, o Return to Player, (Return to Player), which is calculated on the average return in winnings in a month from a given casino. This factor is subject to verification by agencies such as eCogra, and can therefore be considered a true estimate. Usually, for slot machines, the payout is higher than 90%, but the average value is a few points higher, or around 95%.

Live schedule and mobile offer

The more “technological” players can also choose a platform based on the type of games. In addition to the traditional ones, Quick Games and live tables are the most popular lately, with virtual croupiers in the flesh and highly interactive, for both Blackjack and Poker, but also for roulette, from the European to the American one. Also in this case the developer software house plays a decisive role, precisely because fluidity is essential in this type of game.

The same goes for the mobile offer: whether there is a native app or browsing from a smartphone via web app, it is important that the graphical interface is clear and that loading times are fast. The user experience is essential, for newcomers to the game but also for those who bet regularly. The advice, in any case, is always to follow common sense and a criterion of responsibility, with an eye to budget management.

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