Garden Story is available on Nintendo Switch and PC

Garden Story è disponibile su Nintendo Switch e PC thumbnail

The new one has been officially available for a few days Garden Story. It is an interesting action RPG featuring a truly unique and distinctive style. The game is available on Nintendo Switch come on Windows PC and Mac OS (on both Steam and Epic Store). The title has a cost of 19.99 euros and can count on full support for the English language (Italian is not present). The adventure created by Picogram and published by Rose City Games can be tackled in single player mode and with controller support.

The new Garden Story is available

Garden Story will allow players to face atruly unique adventure. The game allows you to take on the role of Grove’s new guardian with the goal of uniting a divided community. The title will allow you to explore an island full of life by fighting against the Rot infestation and supporting the inhabitants in various ways. The game will offer many locations to discover and explore as well as a very varied gameplay. To enrich the title there is a really refined and characteristic pixel art style. For more details on the game you can take a look at Steam official page or his official site.

The official trailer of the game

here is the launch trailer from Garden Story which gives us a quick overview of the features of the new title available this week:

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