P-CAR: the certification of smart car technologies passes through the cloud

P-CAR: la certificazione delle tecnologie delle smart car passa per il cloud thumbnail

The P-CAR project by Radiolabs and WESTPOLE is the first European laboratory for technology certification that will characterize the smart car del futuro. The laboratory operates completely remotely from L’Aquila and can count on a large number of virtual instruments managed in the Cloud for connection with European laboratories that have developed enabling technologies for the mobility of the future.

The P-CAR project is born

The Smart Mobility is an increasingly important issue and, as confirmed by the data from the Smart Car Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, also in 2020 the Connected Car market maintained a value of 1.8 billion euros without the emergency being able to scratch it. It should be noted that the number of Italian municipalities that have launched at least one project on Smart Mobility issues has grown from 54% in 2019 to 60% in 2020.

The new P-CAR project aims, therefore, to become the first laboratory of its kind in Europe. The project is funded by the European (ESA) and Italian (ASI) space agencies, and is responsible for supporting the certification of multi-sensor security localization platforms. In particular, the Galileo satellite navigation systems and 5G are exploited.

The RadioLabs consortium coordinates the P-CAR project. It is a non-profit research consortium that includes three academic bodies (the University of Rome TRE and Tor Vergata, and the University of L’Aquila) as well as two industrial partners (WESTPOLE, Italian System Integrator, and Hitachi Rail STS The E-Car project also includes the Automotive Innovation Hub (IAM).

The Cloud system is managed by WESTPOLE

L’Cloud architecture, fundamental for the connection between research centers and laboratories as well as for the management of field tests, it will be carried out by WESTPOLE, System Integrator and reference player in the Cloud and Managed Service sector. Massimo Moggi, President and CEO of WESTPOLE declares: “For this reason, our mission together with RadioLabs is to actively support the creation of a cutting-edge center for our country, providing tools and integrated solutions to accompany the development of new generation vehicles: geo-localized, connected and safe “

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