Garmin CamperVan: for great adventurers

Aimed at the world of vans and converted vans, increasingly appreciated by young people for traveling to discover unknown destinations, the new Garmin CamperVan presents itself as a real companion for adventures on the road. In addition to the navigation functions, it allows you to select the most adventurous routes, find the best places to stop and the attractions to visit along the way

Since last summer, the number of traveling holiday lovers has grown exponentially. Not only campers and caravans, but also vans and converted vans, mainly chosen by a range of users between 30 and 40 years of age. Solutions increasingly sought after and appreciated, for their practicality, ease of driving and freedom of movement, especially when you do not have a precise destination. And it is right to lovers of this new way of traveling that Garmin CamperVan is aimed at, a true companion of great “on the road” adventures. A device that allows you to move along roads to be explored, for a young tourism that still needs a punctual and precise guide.

For this Garmin CamperVan provides innovative travel features that allow, in addition to always following the right route, also not to lose the possibility ofi admire the beauties that are found along the itinerary. It is in fact the first device dedicated to small recreational vehicles with preloaded Michelin Green Guide, which includes pictures, detailed descriptions and evaluations on many places of interest, giving you the possibility to know at any time if you are near an attraction for which it is worth stopping.

Garmin CamperVan: for great adventurers

Garmin CamperVan: always on the right course

On the broad display da 6,95” clear and easy to read of CamperVan, you can view the information provided by its exclusive navigation functions. Between these, Trendy Places which indicates the best parking areas planned along the route: in this way you will be able to spend less time looking for an accommodation, dedicating it instead to the pure exploration of the area in which you are located. Likewise, via the option Local Spots you have an indication of the places to visit and the activities to try around your position. Very useful information also for organizing the agenda for the next day. Finally, Roadtrip Routes allows you to find the most adventurous and exciting roads to travel, to enjoy the freedom that only an unplanned journey can offer.

Garmin CamperVan: for great adventurers

Discover the hidden secrets of each destination with Garmin CamperVan

As mentioned, CamperVan is the ideal companion for aimless journeys, but at the same time it allows you to always have useful and precise information on the place where you are, to discover it and get to know it even in its most secret aspects.

  • It’s possible browse and read Tripadvisor traveler ratings on specific selected categories of interest, such as restaurants, attractions and more.
  • Through the BirdsEye satellite imagery you have clear views from above of the area in which you are passing, in order to discover hidden paths to remote locations. BirdsEye is available as a direct download to the device via Wi-Fi and without an annual subscription.
  • A preloaded database allows you to quickly access a list of campsites, picnic areas and rest stops provided by ACSI, Campercontact and Trailer’s PARK.

Garmin CamperVan: for great adventurers

Not just navigation

Through the‘voice assistant it is possible to interact with CamperVan, asking for directions or other information, thanks to a simple “Ok Garmin…”. By downloading the Garmin Drive app, on compatible smartphones with Bluetooth technology, notifications appear on the display, for even safer and distraction-free driving. Likewise, they can share GPX files, check the traffic situation and weather conditions. Finally, CamperVan is compatible with the Garmin BC 40 or BC 30 wireless cameras (sold separately) that allow you to see what happens behind the vehicle when reversing. The new CamperVan satellite navigator is available in the best points of sale at a recommended retail price of 299.99 euros. All detailed information is available on the official website. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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