Rowenta X-Force Aqua: vacuum and wash at the same time!

Rowenta’s new Aqua accessory, compatible with the main X-Force models, guarantees unprecedented suction and washing results, for versatile use and limitless cleaning. Rowenta X-Force Aqua will save half the time when cleaning the house

Ensure a flawless cleaning of domestic surfaces inevitably requires several intermediate steps: removal of food residues, after removing the most stubborn stains, vacuuming the dust and … infinite passages with the rag. Estimated time: better not think about it! Starting today, Rowenta proposes Aqua, a new accessory designed specifically for the X-Force range of electric brooms, capable of vacuuming and washing in one pass. Time saved? Mission accomplished! Thanks to the X-Force line, Rowenta reinvents the way to clean, combining powerful performance with cleaning technology. Compatible with the main X-Force electric brooms, the Rowenta Aqua brush can be purchased individually, for those who already have a compatible solution, or as a bundle to obtain a complete and versatile kit for the care of domestic floors.

Rowenta X-Force Aqua: vacuum and wash at the same time!

Rowenta X-Force Aqua: a very useful accessory for household cleaning

The first model compatible with Rowenta Aqua is Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.60, sold as a bundle on the Rowenta store and at major physical and online retailers. Top of the range of the X-Force line, the 11.60 model amazes for its extreme flexibility, power and battery life. Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.60 is equipped with a Digital Force engine, which guarantees a suction power of up to 130 Air Watt, and Flex Technology, that is a flexible tube that allows the vacuum cleaner to go 4 times further without the need to bend. In addition, X-Force Flex 11.60 includes an LED light in the motorized brush with Nylon bristles, capable of rotate up to 180 °, facilitating the removal of dust even from the most hidden areas. Finally, its digital display allows you to choose between three different modes of use: Eco, for daily cleaning on all surfaces, Max, to remove pet hair and the most consistent dirt and Boost, for maximum power. .

On the other hand, the new entry in the range is available on the Amazon channel Rowenta X-Force Flex 8.60 Aqua which integrates the new Aqua brush right from the start. The new model uses the main features of the top of the 11.60 range, such as the flexible hose, the Boost mode and Stop & Go function, enriched by the Aqua brush that sucks and washes at the same time for perfect results in both directions. X-Force Flex 8.60 Aqua is the perfect purchase for those who want a single suction and washing solution and is available, only on Amazon, in blue.

Rowenta X-Force Aqua: vacuum and wash at the same time!

But not only! In order to offer different purchase options, meeting all the needs and pockets of consumers, the Rowenta X-Force electric broom line is completed with two further variants X-Force Flex 8.60 Allergy Care e X-Force Flex 8.60 Animal Care, the latter available bundled with the Head brush. The two versions are perfect for ensuring unprecedented cleaning and are also suitable for two specific needs:

  • X-Force Flex 8.60 Allergy Care has an Allergy Kit included in the price, which includes a wide range of accessories: flat crevice nozzle, ideal for cracks and hard to reach areas, sofa brush for fabrics, two integrated brushes to perfectly clean all the details at any time and an additional filter included in the package .
  • X-Force Flex 8.60 Animal Care on the other hand, it is equipped with the same accessories as the Allergy Kit with the addition of one Mini Turbo brush, ideal for effectively removing the hair of four-legged friends.


Below are the recommended prices for each model and bundle:

  • Pack Rowenta X-Force Flex 11.60 Animal Care + Aqua Head Brush: € 449,90
  • Rowenta X-Force Flex 8.60 Allergy Care: € 379,90
  • Rowenta X-Force Flex 8.60 Animal Care: € 289,90
  • Pack Rowenta X-Force Flex 8.60 Animal Care + Aqua Head Brush: € 389,90

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