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General Motors and Red Hat for the Smart car project

Safety first. Here is the project born from the union of two companies that plan to create an ecosystem of innovative solutions. Around Red Hat In-vehicle operating system. An operating system Linux certified for security functional intended to support the Gm’s Ultifi software platform. Above all, this collaboration is an important step in the transport and technology sectors.

Red Hat and General Motors together for the Smart car project

Simplicity and efficiency

On board the vehicles software systems are complex and require high levels of cybersecurity. In addition to rigorous certifications due to the criticality of security. In today’s systems, these requirements can often lengthen the development process. So making software updates difficult, where every update requires recertification. However, GM and Red Hat intend to make these complex vehicle upgrades simple and frequent.

Functional safety certification continues on the Ultifi platform with Red Hat In-vehicle operating system. The built-in software supports a variety of security-related and non-security applications. These include infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems, body control and connectivity.

In this way, the transport sector can benefit from faster innovation. So of greater sustainability thanks to standardization on Linux and cloud-native technologies. Standards can increase software reuse and result in a more scalable design process.

Thus, GM has the possibility to dedicate more resources to new personalized experiences inside the cars. Vehicle modes and other features that customers will appreciate. With the integration of Red Hat In-vehicle operating system on the Ultifi platform, you get: cost reduction by consolidating and reusing the software on a common platform.

An improved development cycle for faster time to market with new customer features and software enhancements. Continuous functional safety certification for systems related to safety applications; creation of new services and new business opportunities.

The services are cloud-based and software development is fast

Red Hat contributes to the phased introduction of Ultifi. GM’s end-to-end vehicle software platform will be launched in 2023. Ultifi enables delivery of software-defined functionality, apps and services to customers over the air. To do this, the platform separates application software from hardware and offers API (Application Programming Interface) for software development.

Creating a more flexible architecture allows you to provide more cloud-based services. Faster software development and new customer value without affecting basic hardware controls. Being a Linux-based system, Ultifi is designed to be universally usable by GM developers, vendors and the developer community in general.

The use of Linux allows skilled experts from many fields to support innovation. With numerous sensors and a rich amount of anonymised data, vehicle software presents a unique opportunity for developers to work beyond the limits of typical consumer smart devices.

In fact, authorized third-party developers who meet rigorous standards of security, protection and privacy will be able to innovate on Ultifi for the direct benefit of GM customers.

Open platform without sacrificing safety

“With millions of lines of code supporting critical systems like driving assistance, fuel economy and more, modern vehicles are more like high-performance mobile computers than cars of the past.”

So, he comments Francis Chow, vice president and general manager In-vehicle operating system and edge di Red Hat. “The time to innovate is now. These new vehicles give our industries the ability to create a common open platform without sacrificing functional safety. Collaborating with GM on Red Hat In-vehicle operating system. We intend to bring the era of open source to the automotive world, for the benefit of car manufacturers, ecosystem partners and consumers ”.

“General Motors is now a software-focused technology platform company and working with Red Hat is a key element in advancing our Ultifi software development.” He adds Scott Miller, vice president software defined vehicle and operating system di General Motors. “Incorporating the open source experience will pay off as we aim to provide the easiest software platform to develop in the industry.

With Red Hat’s operating system as the primary enabler of Ultifi’s capabilities, the opportunity for innovation becomes limitless ”.

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