General Motors vuole portare ChatGPT sulle auto thumbnail

General Motors wants to bring ChatGPT to cars

General Motors wants to bring ChatGPT to thumbnail cars

General Motors would be ready to bring artificial intelligence to its cars: in fact it wants to include a virtual assistant based on ChatGPT. According to rumors, it would already be making agreements with Microsoft to implement it in the best possible way.

General Motors brings ChatGPT to cars

General Motors is exploring possible uses of its AI language models, Reuters reported on Friday OpenAIamong which ChatGPT, to power the virtual assistants in its vehicles. This initiative is part of one broader collaboration with Microsoft, cas confirmed by a GM executive, who specified that the company is using the Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. che includes a ChatGPT API, to develop a virtual personal assistant for your vehicles.

In an interview with Reuters last week, the GM vice president Scott Miller provided some insight into the project. He explained that ChatGPT will be used to provide vehicle information to drivers. For example cRecommended action to take when a diagnostic light appears on the dashboard or provide a demonstration video on how to change a flat tire viewable on the vehicle’s infotainment system.

ChatGPT workers

GM’s voice assistant won’t behave exactly like ChatGPT, as OpenAI’s technology will be tailored specifically for vehicles.

In addition, the as yet unnamed assistant from the house of Ford could integrate user schedules from a calendar for remind the driver of any upcoming meetings and activities.

There is no release timeline or a yet formal announcement for General Motors’ ChatGPT integration plans. But the collaboration with Microsoft and the use of emerging technologies confirm the company’s commitment to offer to its customers increasingly capable and cutting-edge vehicles.

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