Genshin Impact: the optimized version for PS5 is coming

Genshin Impact: the optimized version for PS5 is coming

Through a tweet on the official PlayStation profile, the optimized version for PS5 of Genshin Impact has been announced, let’s find out all the details and when it will arrive

Genshin Impact was one of the most interesting titles of 2020. Launched in the second half of last year, it managed, with its absolutely particular and characteristic style, to capture millions of gamers, going to create a community definitely solid. Community that, also following the events of the new next gen consoles, hoped intensely for an optimized version of Genshin Impact for next generation consoles; Sony did not beg too much, an optimized version for PS5 in fact it will arrive shortly.

Genshin Impact: the PS5 version coming this spring

The version PS5 di Genshin Impact, therefore, it will arrive in the course of this same spring 2021. It will be a version that will perfectly mold to what is the hardware of the new Sony console. 4K resolution, greater quality general product, quick uploads exploiting the SSD of the machine and, above all (and let us say that we are very pleased) implementations with the DualSense. The game, therefore, will present an adaptation to what is the particular controller of the Japanese next gen.

miHoYo Games, moreover, speaking of this version, underlined the importance and ease with which the hardware potential (and not only) of PlayStation 5 are perfectly combined with what is the concept and with what it is the exquisitely playful structure of his own creature, Genshin Impact. If you want to know what we think, we invite you to read our particular article on the title created by team cinese.

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