Gente strana – Strange People

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Strange G ente – Watu Wa Ajabu is the new film by Genoma Films. On the projects in Africa of the NGO CEFA will be present at the XX edition of Alice nella città as a special event

People strange – Watu Wa Ajabu, was created in collaboration with CEFA Onlus and with the support of the Ministry of Culture – Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual, and of Gruppo Granarolo, BCC Emilbanca and Deisa Ebano Spa (Zig Zag, Calzanetto and Ebano).

Curiosità and production of the film: Gente strana – Strange People

The production company Ganoma Films is pleased to announce the presence of its new film project at the 20th edition of Alice nella città, the autonomous section parallel to the Rome Film Festival scheduled from 13 to 23 October: Gente strana – Watu Wa Ajabu by Marta Miniucchi.

The film: Gente strana – Watu Wa Ajabu, will be premiered as a Special Event, on Friday 21 October at 15:00 at the Giulio Cesare cinema. After the passage to Rome, the film will be released in the following months at the cinema and then be programmed on Sky Documentaries and streaming on NOW TV.

Gente strana - Strange People

Post e retroscena del film: Gente strana – Strange People

The construction of the film Gente strana – Watu Wa Ajabu, is a mockumentary that through fiction, documentaries and archive material tells about one of the numerous missions of the non-governmental organization CEFA, an NGO that celebrates 50 years in 2022, to which it has been washing for decades to overcome hunger and poverty, in addition it does so to bring jobs to Africa and Latin America.

Thus creating development models of sustainability. The film, Gente strana – Watu Wa Ajabu, which runs between Bologna and Tanzania, is directed by Marta Miniucchi (former director of the Benelli docufilm on Benelli and the award-winning Green Pinocchio).

Story and plot of the film: Gente strana – Strange People

The documentary begins with a reporter named Loris Bonetti, in charge of making a report on Cefa through the parallel story of the Tanzanian John Sagala and Marco Rinoldi, a young Italian boy who decided to become a volunteer and follow one of the projects in the region of Njombe.

Both of them are sons of breeders. John in Tanzania has a family that finds it difficult to manage the business due to poor preparation and few resources, while Marco in Italy does not want to have anything to do with his father’s large consortium.

Therefore the experience in Africa and the work of CEFA will make both protagonists grow. Through exchanges of values, skills, cultural and logistical exchanges, to compare quite different ideas. And all this will ensure that his expectations are re-evaluated, John having an extra help, Marco understanding the true values ​​of life, and Loris – now dragged into the emphasis of the shooting – to rediscover that part of himself that he had. lost.

Cast and novelty of the film: Gente strana – Strange People

In the cast of the film, strange people – Watu Wa Ajabu, we find: Cesare Bocci, Matteo Gatta and Lodo Guenzi. For the soundtrack instead we have: Dargen D’Amico, with the song Muziki, recorded in Dar Es Salaam.

And you? What do you think? As always, your opinion is important to us. So let us know, if you are also waiting to preview this new, brilliant and exciting film, or if you will be right there in the front row, not to miss a single and electrifying minute.

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