How to create a professional website

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There are those who think that websites are no longer as useful as in the past, having been replaced by social media. Fortunately, there are many people who remain of the belief that a good professional website is a great source of information

According to recent surveys, on average, users spend 6 hours and 54 minutes online daily and their main motivation is to search for information on the web.

This happens because today’s websites are more intuitive, pleasant and practical to use than those of the past.

If you want to know more about the website creation, in this guide you will find all the information you need. In addition, you can also read them on the page dedicated to website creation on the Alessandro Giovinazzi Web Marketing site.

Website creation: the characteristics of a professional website

Before talking about website creation professional, let’s see some of its specific features:

  • Seriousness: entrepreneurs and freelancers who have to introduce themselves to customers, employees and potential sponsors, need to do it professionally, which can only be done with website creation by industry experts.
  • Completeness: the website creation done professionally, it avoids creating a set of messy pages with incomplete information, focusing on the right content in the right places and inserting all the features a business needs.
  • Excellent positioning in search engines: in addition to having a specific shape, a website must be created in such a way as to rank high in search engines and be visible to users.

How to create a professional website

To create a professional website, you must first define your business goals. So, your target audience and content will be your starting point.

We know this process takes a long time, but it is necessary. If you adopt the right strategy, the website creation professional will become less difficult.

Before starting, therefore, you will have to deal with a specific topic that you know well and that you are passionate about.

So first: make sure your website covers a topic you know well, love, and are passionate about.

Also, you need to clearly reflect your brand. In any case, if you want to bring the website creation professional, make sure you choose a topic to talk about.

Give your website the right domain name

Domain name is the same as the URL of a website that users enter in the browser address bar when they visit your website. So, choose the right name.

Take time to do this to avoid making mistakes. If you change your domain name later, you will end up with technical problems that would damage your brand.

The domain name should be short, easy to type, free of hyphens and periods, broad and not used by others.

Buy an effective hosting plan

In website creation, a fundamental step is the purchase of a hosting plan, that is the connection service between the website and the Internet. It is essential because it allows you to archive the contents of your Internet sites.

Of course, the choice of hosting depends on the type of site you intend to create.

Choose the site template

The template or theme is the graphics of a website. So, we are talking about a fundamental step in the website creation.

There are on the Internet shops that offer thousands of different templates for free or for a fee. You will have to choose the one that reflects the category to which your site will belong, since the website creation it depends above all on this.

Configure your website

You can do this through the administration panel of any CMS. Set the commands, the title of the site, the time zone, the language, the meta-title and all other useful data.

Then install the template chosen previously and set all the elements that will become part of the site, such as colors, logos, sources and size of the titles.

The website creation it also involves the menu items, but also the information to be included in the footer, that is the part at the bottom of the web page. Finally, create the sidebar and upload photos and videos.