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Ghostbusters: where to watch the new short film

In the middle of August, a good news arrives from the Sony Creators Conference, it is a short film made with a real-time graphics engine: let’s find out where to see it together

Pet all Ghostbusters fans, a new short film is available! The Sony Creators Conference has just ended, in which many interesting news about the world of cinema have been released and one of these concerns the much loved Ghostbusters franchise. In fact, during the conference a new short film on the saga was released, which is available free of charge and on youtube in a version that also shows behind-the-scenes footage. It is in fact a short film made with a real-time graphics engine, lasting two minutes, a real novelty compared to the usual type of production.

Ghostbusters: where to watch the new short film

This type of technique has in fact made it possible to make the short film in a short time, using the Unreale Engine software, along with a motion capture sound stage for the visual effects shots. Precisely for this reason, the short film has very realistic graphics, in which we can see Ecto-1 roaming the streets of New York.

The short is made by Sony Pictures Entertainment in collaboration with Ghost Corps, Pixomondo, PlayStation Studios and Epic Gamescon and sees Jason Reitman directing as for Ghostbusters Legacy. It is a very interesting short especially for insiders who can discover new production techniques saving time and costs. Meanwhile, it certainly also benefits fans who can see an entertaining short film on their favorite saga complete with backstage production secrets. A perfect placement after the new chapter in the Ghostbusters Legacy saga, still untitled, was postponed to March 29, 2024 due to the strikes in progress.

The short film can be seen in this article with a lot of production backstage, enjoy!

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