Fisker Ronin: The new Electric Super GT with over 1000 HP

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Fisker Inc, a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, unveiled more details about the new super GT Fisker Ronin, an innovative all-electric convertible, during the brand’s first Product Vision Day held on August 3, 2023

The new Fisherman Ronin it is not only a masterpiece for driving enthusiasts, but it is also a tribute to the passion for art and automotive designwith a strong focus on sustainability, as stated by the president and CEO Henrik Fisher.

Fisker Inc’s goal has been clear from the start: Create a 21st-century grand touring car that can cover the distance between Los Angeles and Napa Valley on a single charge or tackle the Autobahn without worrying about battery range. The estimated price for this extraordinary creation exceeds 350.000 €.

Fisker Ronin: The new Electric Super GT with over 1000 HP

A Cinematic Tribute: The Name Ronin

The name “Ronin” was not chosen at random. It is a tribute toepic film directed by John Frankenheimer, famous for its spectacular car chase scenes. Enthusiasts will be able to reserve this electric car starting August 3, by paying an initial deposit of 2000 $ (equivalent to approx 1826,96 €), followed by a further fully refundable deposit of 1000 $ (circa 913,48 €).

This electric supercar will be available at the price of 385.000 $ (circa 351.689,84 €) and production will be limited to only 999 specimenswith the first deliveries scheduled for the second half of 2025.

A Versatile Excellence: The Features of the Fisker Ronin

In response to current trends in the luxury car market, which see many major brands moving towards SUVs, the mission of Fisker with the new one Ronin is to offer an extraordinary versatility. This super GT will reach a maximum speed of 275 km/h and, although designed to accommodate five people, it offers one exceptional load capacity thanks to the typical layout of electric vehicles.

The performance is simply amazingwith a’acceleration from 0 to 96 km/h in about 2 seconds it’s a maximum speed of 275 km/hplacing the Ronin at the level of the best supercars currently on the market.

An Extraordinary Driving Experience

The attention of the American manufacturer is clearly directed to thedriving experience. Although autonomous driving options are available, the true pleasure lies in the direct driving experience.

The butterfly rear doors allow a easy access, with a single handle that automatically extends to facilitate entry. There technology is cutting edgewith the possibility of opening all the doors via smartphone and a retractable carbon fiber hard-top.

Exceptional autonomy

An aspect remarkable from the Ronin it’s hers unique aluminum structure with built-in batterydesigned to offer arange of 966 km on a single charge. Lightweight materials such as carbon fiber are also employed in the 23″ rims.

Sustainable Luxury: Innovative Interiors

Inside, the Fisker Ronin sets new standards for sustainable luxuryusing recycled and sustainable materialswith the aim of becoming the greenest supercar in the world. Il 17.1 inch high resolution display and the instrument panel in front of the driver are just some of the features of this innovative car.

The new Fisker Ronin is not just a carbut represents a vision, an ambition and above all, the future of sustainable luxury motoring. And’work of art on four wheels which melts outstanding performance, attractive design and advanced technology in a single electric vehicle.

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