Recensione Action Figure dell’Orco (LOTR) by Diamond Select

In this review we will analyze the action figure of the ogre of Moria, coming from LOTR and produced by Diamond Select Toys

And here we are finally arrived at what is the last review of the action figures of “The Lord of the Rings“, Produced by Diamond Select, which we will need to then compose the antagonist Sauron 1:10 scale. Well yes, later Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, until you get to the dark Nazgùl, this time our analysis will focus on another model depicting an antagonist.

Although not “one of a kind” the character on which this action figure is centered is very interesting. We are obviously talking about the most common enemy present in Tolkien’s work and in cinematic representation: the ogre of Moria.

The fearsome enemy of the Fellowship of the Ring closes, with Aragorn, the terza wave of this series of figures. Let’s now pass to the analysis of the greenish monster!

The Box – Orc of Moria Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select


We start really well. The accessories, as you can see, there are 3! Excluding Sauron’s war club, in fact, we have two weapons, namely one lancia, one particular spade and even one spare head. It is in fact the first time in this collection that we find an interchangeable face. Unlike the basic one, the latter is covered with a rough helmet which then refers to the armor.

The two weapons are much simpler. They have shades in the painting, but are nevertheless very flat and not very detailed due to the colors chosen. Despite this, the double possibility provided by Diamond Select is appreciable!

The figure – Orc of Moria Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

In detail

Recensione Action Figure dell'Orco (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • Recensione Action Figure dell'Orco (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • Recensione Action Figure dell'Orco (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • Recensione Action Figure dell'Orco (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • Recensione Action Figure dell'Orco (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • Recensione Action Figure dell'Orco (LOTR) by Diamond Select


  • The ogre of Moria reaches aheight of about 15.5cm. Made, as always, entirely in PVC, the sculpture of this figure is truly special. The two heads are well made, however we definitely prefer the one that has the helmet on, which goes with the rough armor of the antagonist. The cuirass has several really sharp sections and, underneath, it is possible to observe the chain mail.

    The armor also propagates on the underside, where there are i long boots which reach above the knee and have a sharp part above the latter. The ogre’s shoes do not cover the toes of his green toes where his sharp, black nails emerge.

    The painting convinced us fully, not only with regard to the armor, on which numerous details of “rust” are applied, but also with regard to the exposed sections, such as arms, legs and head. Here the painting is particularly dirty and, moreover, the golden hue of the eyes is really suggestive.

    Posability – Orc of Moria Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

    Yes, also this time Diamond Select has included the fateful ones double joints on both elbows and knees. In general, this orc of Moria he is one of the most successful figures when it comes to posability. The only part more limited by the sculpt are the shoulders, while everything else is quite “free” from various limitations.

    The downside is undoubtedly the lack of stability. Especially in more action poses, in fact, we will be forced to use a base that can be anchored through the hole under the feet (not supplied). This is certainly the fault of the shoes, but also of the poor balance of this figure.

    Let’s sum it up

    This orc of Moria action figure is really well done. Closing the cycle of 1:10 scale reproductions necessary to create Sauron’s “Build-A-Figure” is, inevitably, a must. It seems that Diamond Select gives its best when it comes to antagonists as it is the Nazgûl, in our opinion, who is (for now) the best figure in this series.

    With two interchangeable heads and two weapons to use, we appreciated this collectible despite its stability problems. And it is precisely the fact that it has two faces that is an incentive, as it makes it suitable to be exposed multiple times in case you are thinking of creating a host of orcs!

    We, as always, thank Diamond Select for the support. In case you want to buy this figure, find the Amazon box below. Until next time, at Nerd Stuff!

    The time of the Orcs has come

    Points in favor

    • Additional head and two weapons
    • Very detailed and nuanced painting
    • Improved posability compared to the figures of the same collection
    • Price
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