Ghostwire Tokyo: release postponed!

Sony’s usual State of Play was held earlier this month, but there seems to be no sign of the release of Ghostwire Tokyo.

The release of Ghostwire Tokyo, a title produced by Tango Gameworks who had also worked on The Evil Within series, was therefore officially postponed to 2022 with a Twitter post. But let’s start from the beginning.

Ghostwire Tokyo: an increasingly postponed release

Regarding the release of Ghostwire Tokyo, it was the same Tango Gameworks to publish a tweet where they explained the reasons for the delay.

We have made the decision to delay the launch of Ghostwidere: Tokyo in early 2022. We want the game to get to your hands as soon as possible so that you can have the unforgettable experience of a haunted Tokyo, a version that we have worked very hard. At the same time we are also focused on protecting everyone’s health at Tango

In fact, Tango Gameworks is located in Japan, but the country is fighting against the Covid health emergency – 19. While the Olympic Games will be held without spectators in the stands, for the first time in history, infections and hospitalizations unfortunately continue to rise. The title had already been announced at E3 2019 along with the Bethesda briefing. Since Microsoft bought both Bethesda and the Japanese company, but the American company has nevertheless committed itself to honoring the exclusivity contracts. The title will therefore come out on both PS5 that PC in 2022 and, most likely, also on Xbox in the near future.

As you will have understood, therefore, there will be still a while to wait before you can wander around the streets of haunted Tokyo. In the meantime, to properly prepare yourself for an apocalyptic future, how about retrieve other similar games at the best price on the market? If you are interested, then click here, while, for always be up to date on the great world of video games yesterday and today, stay with us here on!

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